Alarm Kits

  1. Honeywell VISTA-250BPT Partitioned Commercial Burglary Alarm Control Panel

      • Provides nine onboard style-B hardwired zones
      • Accommodates 32 keypad macro commands per system
      • Keeps a log of up to 1,000 events
      • Optiflex CCTV support
      • Supports up to 16 two-wire smoke detectors on zone 1
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  2. Bosch B9512G-U IP Control Panel, 32 Areas, 599 Points

      • Fully Integrated Intrusion, Fire, and Access Control Allows Users to Interface with One System Instead of Three
      • Provides up to 599 Points using a Combination of Hardwired or Wireless Devices for Installation Flexibility, and up to 32 Areas and 32 Doors for up to 2,000 Users
      • On-Board Ethernet Port for Conettix IP Alarm Communication and Remote Programming, Compatible with Modern IP Networks including IPv6/IPv4, Auto-IP, and Universal Plug and Play
      • Installer Friendly Features for Simple Installation and Communications, including Plug-In PSTN and Cellular Communication Modules
      • Remote Security Control App which Allows Users to Control their Security Systems and View System Cameras Remotely from Mobile Devices such as Phones and Tablets
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    SKU: B9512G-U
  3. Seco-Larm E-931CS22RRCQ Entry Alert System

      • For monitoring an entrance or using an entrance indicator
      • Photoelectric beam sensor
      • Makes “ding-dong” or siren sound if beam is interrupted
      • Speaker volume can be adjusted to turned off
      • When in siren mode, sounding time is adjustable from 3 to 30 seconds
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    SKU: E-931CS22RRCQ
  4. Bosch Kit Includes FCP-500, FAA-500-BB-UL, FCA-500-E, FAA-500-TR-P, FCP-500-CEPK

      • Modern, ultra-low profile design
      • Color inserts match the surrounding decor
      • Smooth, easily-cleaned detector surface
      • Innovative retention mechanism
      • High reliability
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    SKU: FCP-500-CEPK
  5. Miltronics HD2500-G Deluxe Driveway Alert EXT LR System

      • Operating distance: 750 meters (2,500 ft.)
      • Antenna: Rubber ducky type with (BNC) connection
      • Extended range: Yes - via additional Yagi style booster antenna
      • Sensor detection range: 10 meters (30 ft.)
      • Supported frequency: 303.8 MHz
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    SKU: HD2500-G
  6. Miltronics HD1000-G Deluxe Driveway Alert LR System

      • Operating distance: 450 meters (1,500 ft.)
      • Antenna: Wire
      • Extended range: No
      • Sensor detection range: 10 meters (30 ft.)
      • Supported frequency: 303.8 MHz
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    SKU: HD1000-G
  7. Seco-Larm E-931CS22RFCQ Wireless Weatherproof Entry Alert System

      • Monitor a driveway or use as an entrance indicator
      • No wiring necessary between sensor and speaker
      • Sensor can pair with an unlimited number of speakers
      • Speaker can pair with up to five sensors
      • Sensor is weatherproof for outdoor use
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    SKU: E-931CS22RFCQ
  8. American Dynamics TRADAR-500-MOB Mobile Demonstration Kit In Pelican Case with Tripod, Radar, Camera, Batteries, Embedded Mass Server

      • 500 meter range enables quicker threat detection
      • Auto PTZ slew-to-cue to point pan/ tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras to a targeted location
      • Low false alarm rate
      • Extreme power efficiency at less than 4w
      • Easy installation with less hardware and integrates with various VMS platforms
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  9. Bosch D7212GV4K6 Kit Includes D7212GV4, D1260, B420, D8103 Lock & Key

      • Fully integrated intrusion and fire, allows users to interface with one system instead of two
      • Up to 4 programmable areas, each supporting both perimeter and interior points
      • 40 points with flexible configuration options to meet multiple installation requirements
      • Your choice of touch screen, vacuum florescent, ATM style or LED keypads
      • Conettix IP-based communication options provide high-speed, secure alarm transport and control through connection of wired and/or cellular network interfaces
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: D7212GV4K6