Alarms Accessories

  1. Optex OP-EN4204R Four Zone Add-On Receiver with Relay Outputs

      • Four zone add-on receiver with relay outputs programs up to four Inovonics transmitters
      • This receiver includes Form C relays for each output
      • Allowing connection to any hardwire panel, or stand-alone wireless application
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    SKU: OP-EN4204R
  2. ELK C1M1-LTEV Dual Path Alarm Communicator

      • Dual reporting pathways: IP and cellular
      • No dial capture, data bus decoding, or cloud servers to delay or compromise communications
      • Auto directs over first available and/or best pathway for quickest communications
      • Remote access to M1 controls with no port forwarding or extra fees!
      • Supports ElkRP2 programming upload/download over IP or cellular pathways
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    SKU: C1M1-LTEV
  3. Optex CA-1W-W Multi Angle Wall Mount Bracket

      • Multi Angle Wall Mount Bracket
      • Compatible with: LX-402, LX-802N
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    SKU: CA-1W-W
  4. Hikvision DS-K7P04 Touchless Exit Button

      • T Dimension(L×W×H): 90×35×37.7mm(3.54×1.38×1.48")
      • Input Voltage: DC12V
      • Working Current: 20mA(standby), 50mA(working current)
      • Current Rating: 1A@30VDC,0.5A@125VAC
      • Output Contact: NO/NC/COM Contact
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    SKU: DS-K7P04
  5. Alarm Controls LDG-L Large 1/2 Green LED

      • 1/2" lens with chrome bezel
      • LEDs mount in 1/2" hole
      • LEDs have built-in resistor and operate on 12 or 24VAC or VDC
      • LEDs terminated with 6" 18 gauge red, white and black leads
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    SKU: LDG-L
  6. $18.50
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    SKU: HS-1618
  7. Linear 2GIG-LTEV-A-GC2 Verizon Cat-3 4G LTE Cell Radio for 2GIG GC2 with 2 LTE Antennas

      • 4G LTE cellular telephone module
      • Works with Verizon Network
      • Compatible with
      • GC2 Requires FW v1.17 or newer
      • Includes 2 (two) LTE Antennas in the box with the radio
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  8. Camden Door Controls CM-325-41W Wired 'Short Range' Touchless Switch, 1 Relay, Double Gang Faceplate, Hand Icon and 'Wave to Open' Text

      • Wired model
      • Indoor/outdoor use, -4°F to +153°F (-20°C to +85°C) operating temp, Gasket included in package
      • Line powered models offer 12/24V AC/DC operation
      • 1 relay wired model, SPDT, form 'C'
      • Advanced active infra-red technology with fast response
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    SKU: CM-325-41W
  9. Camden Door Controls CM-324 Wired Touchless Switch, 1 Relay

      • Indoor/outdoor use: -4ºF to +153ºF (-20ºC to +85ºC) operating temp. Gasket included in package
      • Advanced active infra-red technology with fast response
      • Heavy duty 3 or 5 Amp rated relay
      • Adjustable operating range up to 28"
      • Adjustable time delay, refer to model specifcation
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    SKU: CM-324