Louroe Electronics

Louroe Electronics is the leading U.S. manufacturer of audio monitoring systems, microphones, and base stations. Their line of Verifact microphone and microphone/speaker systems are designed to interface with DVRs, IP network cameras, sound card modules, video servers, encoders/decoders, and CCTV systems. Audio products can be used in stand-alone systems as well as integrated into an existing system. They can feature single or multiple zones and one-way listen or two-way listen/talk functions.

Louroe Electronics is a globally recognized company that is also a member of the Security Industry Association (SIA), and ASIS International. It brings more than 35 years of audio industry expertise to the table, and since its inception in the late 1970s, it has manufactured its reliable products in the U.S. Louroe understands the important part that audio plays when it comes to loss prevention and crime deterrence. To ensure that you are getting the best products, the company employs the latest technology, and that’s why Louroe devices are trusted by the hospitality, law enforcement, security, banking, and medical industries.

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Louroe Electronics
TOLL FREE SALES: (800)-955-5201
GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X 175
FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. Louroe Electronics LE-322 4 Zone Two-Way Base Station with Talkback

      • Built-in 3 speaker for monitoring both live audio and playback audio
      • Microphone output jack for each zone for connection to DVR with multiple audio inputs
      • Built-in microphone for talkback to the remote speaker
      • 3.5mm headphone jack on front panel
      • Desktop model
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-322
  2. Louroe Electronics LE-077 VERIFACT K Dynamic Microphone

    • Designed for areas with excessive background noise
    • Pre-amplified for line level output
    • Pickup pattern is within 12′ of the microphone element
    • May be located up to 1000′ from the Louroe base station
    • High impact anti-static ABS
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-077
  3. $568.95
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-851
  4. Louroe Electronics LE-075 VERIFACT E Omni-directional Microphone

      • High sensitivity to low sound pressure
      • Omni-directional, picks up normal sounds 15' away
      • May be located up to 1,000' from the base station
      • Phantom powered from Louroe Base Station
      • Weather resistant for outdoor use
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-075
  5. Louroe Electronics LE-072 VERIFACT C Omni-directional Microphone

    • Designed for special applications
    • High impact anti-static ABS
    • Omni-directional, within 30′ diameter circle
    • May be located up to 1000′ from the Louroe base station
    • Sensitivity switch: normal/low
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-072
  6. Louroe Electronics LE-087 Active Outdoor Horn Speaker/Microphone

      • Weather resistant for outdoor use
      • Built in audio amplifier
      • Omni-directional microphone and horn speaker
      • May be used in damp, moist environment
      • May be mounted up to 700 ft. from a receiving device such as an IP camera, DVR, NVR etc.
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-087
  7. Louroe Electronics LE-530 Speakerphone with Pushbutton Full-Duplex Communication and DSP

      • Speaker microphone for IP cameras
      • Full-Duplex Communication with DSP technology
      • Dry contact blue illuminated pushbutton
      • Vandal resistant, stainless steel faceplate that fits into a 3 gang electrical box
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-530
  8. Louroe Electronics LE-362 ASK-4 101-C Single Zone Audio Monitoring Kit

      • Audio output (RCA) to DVR, VCR
      • Omni-directional microphone can pick up normal sounds 15' away if wall mounted, or within a 30' diameter circle if ceiling mounted
      • 3" speaker for monitoring live audio and playback from a DVR or VCR
      • 3.5 mm headphone jack for private listening
      • Microphone may be mounted up to 1000’ from the APR-1Base Station
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-362
  9. Louroe Electronics LE-769 Vandal Resistant Microphone

      • Easy connection to an IP camera
      • Microphone can pick up normal sounds 15' away
      • Fits in a standard single gang electrical box for flush or surface mounting
      • May be located up to 20' from IP Camera or pre-amp
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LE-769