Founded in 1989, DynaLock Corporation. manufactures high-security locking and access control products. Its modern 18000 square foot facility in Bristol, CT utilizes the latest in computerized machining centers and robotics. DynaLock Corporation. specializes in the manufacture of UL-listed electromagnetic locks and delay egress systems. Additional products include UL-listed power supplies, exit controls, and custom consoles. DynaLock Corporation. offers the DynaLife® Lifetime Warranty on all standard products. DynaLock Corporation's sales engineering staff is available for technical help regarding product and systems design. In addition, DynaLock Corporation. offers design services for custom-built products and system point-to-point wiring diagrams.

  1. DynaLock 2522-US28-DSM2 Mini-Mag Electromagnetic Lock with Door Status Switch for Double Outswinging Door

      • Lock Size: 1-1/4"D x 1-3/4"H x 21"L
      • Multi-voltage field selectable: 12/24 VAC/VDC, Current Draw: 500 mA @ 12V Single / 1 Amp Double, 250 mA @ 24V Single / 0.50 Amps Double
      • Compact "Mini Mag" Lock Design
      • Ideal for Low Security Applications
      • Holding Force: 650 lbs. holding force provides for effective traffic control. Examples include interior ffice doors, clean room interlocks, tool cribs, and x-ray areas
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    SKU: 2522-US28-DSM2
  2. DynaLock 2511-US28-DSM Mini Electromagnetic Lock Surface Mounted for Single Outswing Doors

      • Satin Aluminum finish
      • For single outswing door
      • Input voltage: 12 or 24 VAC/VDC field selectable
      • Size: 1-1/4"D x 1-3/4"H x 10-1/2"L
      • Holding force: 650 lbs
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 2511-US28-DSM