At Surveillance-video, we are proud to offer the latest video entry technology from Comelit Group SpA. When Comelit was first established in 1956, their first intercom system still worked using thermionic valves. For more than half a century, Comelit has been a leader in technology and now exports to more than 70 countries globally. Since their early years, Comelit’s technology has evolved to the superior level that we see in today’s Comelit intercom systems. Currently, the company specializes in door entry systems, access control, video surveillance, and telephone switchboards.

Comelit USA
TOLL FREE SALES: (800)-955-5201
GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X 175
FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. Comelit UT8090S Wall MountComplete Video + Touch Ultra Entrance Panel, VIP

      • Ultra series surface-mounted audio/video entrance panel with 5” Touchscreen module for IP (ViP) system
      • Twilight sensor for touchscreen backlighting management
      • Omnidirectional digital microphone and double loudspeaker for high-fidelity audio
      • Wide-angle colour video camera with 160° horizontal, 100° vertical field of vision
      • Audio-visual indications for disabled individuals assistance request
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    SKU: UT8090S
  2. Comelit 6722W Handsfree Mini Monitor White BM VIP System

      • Handsfree mini monitor white BM VIP system
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    SKU: 6722W
  3. Comelit UT9173 Wall Housing for 3 Ultra Modules

      • Surface-mounted housing, 3 modules, for Ultra entrance panel
      • It consists of a metal support that secures the modules without using screws and a finishing frame in die-cast aluminium given a cataphoresis treatment to increase its resistance to chemical and environmental corrosion, including damage from UV rays
      • Just 35 mm protrusion from the wall Dimensions: 110x289x35mm
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    SKU: UT9173
  4. Comelit UT9270 Touch-Screen Module, Ultra

      • Touchscreen module for Ultra entrance panel, compatible with all systems
      • Bluetooth connection for managing names in the directory using the installer’s MyComelit app
      • 5” capacitive display with high visibility and impact-proof glass, plus theme selection (white or black)
      • Has a Wiegand output for interfacing with access control systems
      • Equipped with RFID reader for activation of an opening using keys or Comelit cards
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    SKU: UT9270
  5. Comelit 6741W Mini Handsfree Wi-Fi Monitor, SBTOP

      • Mini Handsfree Wi-Fi Monitor, SBTOP
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    SKU: 6741W
  6. Comelit SK9000U Simplekey Basic Module, Ultra

      • SimpleKey Basic access control module for Ultra entrance panel, compatible with all systems
      • Equipped with RFID reader for activation of an opening using keys or Comelit cards
      • Can store up to 1500 electronic keys
      • Anodised aluminium alloy coating
      • Dimensions: 1 Ultra module Dimensions: 100x90x35 mm
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    SKU: SK9000U
  7. Comelit 6742W Mini Handsfree BM Wi-Fi Monitor, VIP

      • Mini Handsfree BM Wi-Fi Monitor, VIP
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    SKU: 6742W
  8. Comelit 3639-3 Pillar for Powercom Entrance Panel with 3 Modules, Height 170

      • Extruded aluminium stand with steel coloured finish
      • Aluminium rain shield and floor-mounted base
      • Bolts provided
      • Height 170 cm
      • Standard with 3 modules 18cm x 170cm x 7,5cm
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    SKU: 3639-3
  9. Comelit HFX-7000MW 1 Family Quadra and Mini Kit, SB Wi-Fi

      • New Interior Monitor Model Mini Handsfree with Vivid 4.3" Colour Screen
      • New Quadra Exterior Door Station with Touch Button
      • Kit Is Expandable To 4 Exterior Door Stations and 4 Interior Monitors
      • Improved Touch Capacitive Technology for Both Exterior And Interior Stations
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    SKU: HFX-7000MW