Wire Trak

Their wire management systems provide solutions for routing low voltage fiber-optic and power cabling along fixed perimeter walls and ceilings using extruded raceways. They offer one or two-piece designs, stocked in 5, 6 and 8 foot lengths, with per-applied adhesive backing. Along with their raceways, they supply a full line of fittings, junction boxes, ground wire guards and spiral tubing-all the parts needed to custom design your own wire management system.

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    SKU: FMOC375W
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    SKU: FM90375W
  3. Wire Trak FE020375RW120 Two Piece 3/4" x 1/2" Raceway, 120ft, White

      • Removable Cover Surface Raceway for organizing and containing cable and wire
      • Separate base and cover design with positive locking mechanism
      • Parts made from a UL VO-94 complaint PVC
      • UL 62DB
      • Comes with pre-applied foam tape for speedy installation
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    SKU: FE020375RW120
  4. Wire Trak FE000375RFW100 Roll Form Raceway 3/4" X 1/2" Raceway Roll, 100ft, White

      • Push the extra raceway back though the forming/recoil device and it recoils itself back in the box ready for next time
      • Integrated lid latches closed securely and may be opened and closed continually without failure of the hinge section
      • Roll alone for long seamless runs or quick on the spot installations using our complete line of fittings and components
      • Roll raceway exterior is visually and dimensionally identical to the other models of the series, and is compatible with all series fittings and components
      • Patented forming/recoil device comes installed in every dispenser box
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    SKU: FE000375RFW100
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    SKU: FM3T375W
  6. Wire Trak FMCE1125W 1 1/2" W x 3/4" H Raceway Fitting, Ceiling Entry, White

      • 1 1/2" W x 3/4" H
      • Raceway Fitting, Ceiling Entry
      • White Color
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    SKU: FMCE1125W
  7. Wire Trak FMSC375W Raceway Fitting, Splice / Joint cover, White

      • Raceway fitting, splice / joint cover, white
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    SKU: FMSC375W
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    SKU: FMIN375B
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