Bogen Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation, is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Their products include audio amplifiers and speakers; related sound, intercom, and communications systems equipment; and background and foreground music equipment.

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  1. Bogen MB8TSQ Metal Box Speakers

      • Rugged all-steel surface-mounted enclosure
      • Full range 8" cone speaker for excellent intelligibility
      • Compatible with 25V or 70V amplifier systems
      • Multiple taps at 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 watts
      • 4-Watt maximum output power
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  2. Bogen TPU100B Telephone Paging Amplifier, 100W

      • 100 watt model
      • Inputs for 600-ohm balanced telephone line, Lo-Z balanced microphone, and background music
      • Music input (RCA jack or screw terminals)
      • Integral automatic level control (ALC) circuit for controlling pages made by persons with varying voice levels and paging techniques
      • Page from telephone and/or microphone
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    SKU: TPU100B
  3. Bogen LB6TB 6-1/2" 2-Way Weatherproof Loudspeaker with Built-in 70V Transformer, Black

      • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions
      • Anodized metal-alloy speaker cones (MDT) are extremely stable
      • Waterproof (IP68) input connector (included) eliminates long-term connection problems
      • MLS Ferrofluid voice coil centering system
      • Fluid-sealed gap eliminates corrosion in magnet
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LB6TB
  4. Bogen S810 8" Cone Loudspeaker with 10 oz Magnet

      • 15 watts power handling capacity
      • 8" cone speaker for excellent audio quality
      • Easy to install in wall baffles or ceiling grilles
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: S810
  5. Bogen C20 20 Watts Classic Amplifier

      • 20W output power
      • Transformer isolated 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω, 25V and 70V output taps
      • Rear panel auxiliary receptacle
      • One dedicated MIC 1 input — Lo-Z balanced
      • One switchable MIC 2/AUX 1 input
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: C20
  6. Bogen MGN19A Microphone, 19 Inch Gooseneck

      • Microphone, 19 inch gooseneck
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    SKU: MGN19A
  7. Bogen NET-CMS Netcard Fiber Optic Multimode (A), Single Mode (B)

      • Netcard Fiber Optic Multimode (A)
      • Single Mode (B)
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  8. Bogen PS600 Platinum Series 600W, 8-Ohm/70V, 1-Channel, Class-D Amplifier

      • Platinum Series 600W, 8-Ohm/70V, 1-Channel, Class-D Amplifier
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    SKU: PS600
  9. Bogen NQ-E7010 Nyquist Input/Output Controller

      • 10/100 Ethernet
      • PoE Class-3 (IEEE 802.3af compliant)
      • 8 x dry contact closure inputs (with 1 ground per 4 inputs)
      • 8 x relay driver outputs (500mA max per ground sink)
      • USB 2.0 host port, Type A connector (future use)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: NQ-E7010