Bogen Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation, is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Their products include audio amplifiers and speakers; related sound, intercom, and communications systems equipment; and background and foreground music equipment.

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  1. Bogen SPT15A Reentrant Horn Loudspeaker 7.5W 25/70V

      • High intelligibility and efficiency; ideal for both one-way and talk back applications
      • Weatherproof, all-metal construction
      • 15 watts; 25/70 volt operation
      • Tap settings for 70V: 15, 7.5, 3.8, 1.8, 0.9 watts; for 25V: 15, 7.5, 1.8, 0.94, 0.46 watts
      • Rotary tap impedance selector on SPT15A
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    SKU: SPT15A
  2. Bogen UTI1 Single Zone Paging Controller

      • Single-zone paging
      • Simple 2-switch interface setup
      • Override paging (using loop start trunk or page port contact closure activation)
      • Programmable activation of AUX contacts
      • C-form contact
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    SKU: UTI1
  3. Bogen MPS1B Mini Pendant Speaker, Black

      • Wide dispersion 4-1/2" driver and integral high-frequency radiator provide for broad, even coverage
      • Superb off-axis response
      • High-efficiency drivers deliver superior performance
      • Designed to deliver maximum off-axis coverage
      • Superior sound in a small, compact enclosure that is visually appealing
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    SKU: MPS1B
  4. Bogen S86T725PG8U Ceiling Speaker Assembly with S86 8" Cone with Bright White Grille

      • 4-watt capacity
      • 8" cone speaker for excellent audio quality
      • 6 different power taps available (4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 W)
      • T725 4-watt transformer
      • Bright white enamel over steel grille
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    SKU: S86T725PG8U
  5. Bogen PG8W Ceiling Grille for 13" Speakers, Off-white Enamel

      • Available in aluminum off-white finish
      • Protects and conceals 8" speakers
      • Constructed of metal or aluminum
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    SKU: PG8W
  6. Bogen VAR1 Voice Activated Relay for 70V Paging Systems

      • Monitors audio activity over a wide range of input voltages
      • Two sets of C-Form (both N.O. and N. C.) relay contacts respond to audio activity
      • Four levels of signals: microphone, 600-ohm line, 25V, and 70V speaker systems
      • Built-in balanced, low noise, high gain microphone pre-amp
      • Transformer-isolated, 600-ohm small signal level output of detected audio available
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    SKU: VAR1
  7. Bogen TB8 Tile Bridge Support for 8" Ceiling Speaker

      • Load-bearing T-support
      • Capable of sustaining weight of any Bogen 8" ceiling speaker, grille, and enclosure in suspended ceiling installations
      • Steel construction
      • Finished in rust-resistant coating
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    SKU: TB8
  8. Bogen SPT30A Reentrant Horn Loudspeaker 30W 25/70V

      • High intelligibility and efficiency; ideal for both one-way and talk back applications
      • Weatherproof, all-metal construction
      • 30 watts; 25/70 volt operation
      • Tap settings for 70V: 30, 15, 7.5, 3.7, 1.8 watts; for 25V: 15, 7.5, 3.7, 1.8 watts
      • Rotary tap impedance selector on SPT30A
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    SKU: SPT30A
  9. Bogen KFLDS30T Wide Dispersion Reentrant Horn Loudspeaker

      • 30 Watts max. @ 70 volts or 15 Watts max.@ 25 volts
      • Weatherproof polycarbonate and aluminum construction
      • Driver enclosed in weatherproof housing
      • 70° × 95° dispersion with rotatable horn flare
      • Seven-position, weather-sealed tap selector switch
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