Turn to Surveillance-video for all of your security needs. Among our huge stock of over 100,000 products, you'll find whatever you need to build your custom security system. We believe the strongest system is one personalized for your unique needs. Whether you need to protect your home from burglary and vandalism or secure your place of business, we sell the top-rated brands in the industry at some of the lowest prices online. Our stock of the latest technology includes brands such as Visonic security systems.

Visonic Security Systems is an international company that develops and manufactures security systems and components of the highest quality. Visonic's mission is to grant the peace of mind and enhanced quality of life that comes with a reliable security system. Customers of all ages utilize these innovative security systems and components in their day to day life. Visonic wants their customers to go about their lives knowing that the things and people they care most about are comfortable and safe by providing real time communication between homes, families, community support services, and caregivers.

Visonic security systems are meant to withstand all kinds of weather and are made for versatile use in many different settings. These products utilize industry leading technology that you can entrust your home and business to. The transmission products are known for incredibly long life and range and their motion detectors are sensitive and fully wireless. Visonic produces accessories and components that will allow you to design a system specific to your needs. At Surveillance-video we believe this is much more effective than purchasing an off-the-shelf system.

If you have any questions about which products you should use in your setup, our customer service team is happy to help. Contact us to request a quote or get more information on any of our products. We also don't want to leave you in the dark when it comes to installation and operation. That's why we offer lifetime technical support on all of our products. Call us anytime for assistance with your devices. At Surveillance-video, your security is our top priority. Call today, we look forward to helping you secure what matters most to you.

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  1. Visonic CLIP-1 Micro PIR, Wide Angle, 30'

      • Inconspicuous high-performance PIR
      • Miniature size 7 x 2.8 x 2.5cm (2.75 x 1.25 x 1 in)
      • Attractive design
      • Exceptionally high reliability and false alarm immunity
      • Alternate polarity pulse counter
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    SKU: CLIP-1
  2. Visonic SPY-RTE-A Spy Model Request To Exit Detector, Dry Contact

      • Ultra-miniature
      • Reliable
      • Virtually unnoticeable when installed
      • Fast, easy installation
      • In-ceiling or in-wall installation
    Low Price Guarantee
  3. Visonic SPY-4 PIR Motion Detector Curtain

      • Virtually unnoticeable after mounting
      • Designed for securing corridors, doors, windows or skylights
      • Ideal for controlling CCTV, access control and other systems
      • Ceiling or wall mounting
      • Tiny size: Diameter: 19 mm (0.75 in) Length: 70 mm (2.75 in)
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    SKU: SPY-4
  4. Visonic MCT-442 Carbon Monoxide Detector

      • Loud built-in alarm buzzer (95db) and a large flashing LED alarm
      • Continuous auto-testing and manual testing
      • Five-year life, with end-of-life notification
      • Battery operated, ensuring continuous protection; low battery and sensor end of life indications
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    SKU: MCT-442
  5. $20,812.00
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  6. Visonic POWERMANAGE PRO SERVER HP G8 2640 32GB SERVER+ProgramKit+PowerMANAGE3.0+100 Panel License (20K)

      • HP G8 2640 32GB SERVER+ProgramKit+PowerMANAGE3.0+100 panel license (20K)
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  7. Visonic MC-303-PG2-Brown PowerG Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Contact, Brown

      • Ideal for protecting doors, windows and other entranceways
      • Small size and unobtrusive design make it virtually unnoticeable when installed
      • Provides reliable performance using built-in PowerG leading wireless intrusion technology
      • Outstanding, robust communication enables long-range transmission and strengthens protection against interference
      • Simple to install, with a time-saving pull tab
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    SKU: MC-303-PG2-Brown
  8. $28.78
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    SKU: 3-Year-Battery-Pack-Dual-3V-Lith
  9. $355.00
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    SKU: PMASTER33-311