Eclipse Tools

Headquartered in Amelia, VA, Eclipse Tools connects distributors and professionals in the electronic, electrical, networking and security fields with top-quality Eclipse and Pro’sKit brand tools and accessories. Eclipse, together with its offshore partner Pro’sKit, develops and markets over 100 new products every year.

  1. Eclipse Tools 902-109 2.25X(5D) Workbench Inspection Lamp

      • 2.25X(5D) magnification glass lens
      • 22-watt T5 circular fluorescent tube
      • Spring balanced arm that stays set in any position
      • Clamps onto flat surfaces up to 2.6 in. thick
      • Dust-proof cover for lens
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    SKU: 902-109
  2. Eclipse Tools PK-1700NA Electronics Master Kit

      • Deluxe aluminum frame tool case
      • Suitable for wide variety of electronic applications
      • Heavy-duty curved claw hammer with fiberglass handle
      • Soldering iron and accessories
      • Large assortment of hand tools
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    SKU: PK-1700NA
  3. Eclipse Tools CE-0275 5 Piece Pin Extractor Set

      • For use with MOLEX, AMP, TYCO, etc
      • Contains 5 different size insertion tools
      • Comes with pouch for easy storage
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    SKU: CE-0275
  4. Eclipse Tools 900-011 Aluminum Frame Tool Case with Pallet

      • Rugged tool case design
      • Movable partitions
      • Carrying straps
      • Removable pallet with tool pockets
      • Size: 18 x13 x5.9 in
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 900-011
  5. Eclipse Tools PM-029CN ESD Safe Cushion Grip Pliers - Round Nosed

      • ESD safe, soft touch handle provides a secure hold
      • Cushioned handle increases user comfort
      • Made of high-quality, anti-rust carbon steel with nickel plating for repeated use
      • With double leaf springs for self-opening action to supply smooth operation
      • Ideal for the holding and bending required in fine work applications
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PM-029CN
  6. Eclipse Tools PK-2836M 41Pc 1000V Insulated Metric Tool Kit

      • 41Pc 1000V Insulated Metric Tool Kit
      • 1,000V 41-Piece Metric Toolkit is ideal for power plant
      • HVAC, automotive, military, aircraft, field applications
      • Equipped with a huge assortment of insulated single open-end wrenches
      • Single boxend wrenches, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, a knife, pliers and cutters, T handle
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PK-2836M
  7. Eclipse Tools PK-15307EI Electronics Tool Kit - 50 Pcs.

      • Long nose plier 135mm
      • Diagonal cutting plier 110mm
      • Dual color lineman's plier 210mm
      • Dual color long nose plier 165mm
      • Adjustable wrench 6"
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    SKU: PK-15307EI
  8. Eclipse Tools 701-016 Insulated Red Wire Ferrules, 16 AWG x 14mm, 500 Pcs

      • Provides high quality termination and years of trouble free service
      • All ferrules are copper with tin plating (UL* and RoHS)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 701-016
  9. Eclipse Tools 100-013 5-1/2" Needle-Nosed Pliers - Smooth

      • Made of stainless steel with mirror polished finish to prevent flaking and corrosion
      • Leaf springs are spot welded to the tool handles to fix the jaws in a comfortable position
      • Forged box joint construction gives strength and precision
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 100-013