ACTi is a top manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. ACTi focuses on serving all areas of the surveillance industry. The primary goal of is to develop and incorporate a complete solution for users through IP surveillance. ACTi has assisted their customers by providing the best video compression solutions while maintaining optimal Megapixel resolutions while retaining minimal bandwidth. ACTi also focuses on providing their customers with training and support.

ACTi offers a wide range of products allowing them to provide video solutions to all levels of users. ACTi also simplifies things for their users by maintaining a uniformed firmware interface for all devices. With the products and services ACTi offers; these attributes assisted them in being the technology leader in IP Surveillance.

ACTi Corporation
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FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. ACTi PMAX-0527 Pole Mount for Z41, Z42

      • Pole Mount for Z41, Z42
      • Supports 2.64" to 5" Poles
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    SKU: PMAX-0527
  2. $219.00
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    SKU: PMAX-0728
  3. ACTi R701-70004 Dome Cover Housing with Transparent Cover for D7x, E7x, D8x, E8x

      • Dome cover housing with transparent dome cover (for D7x, E7x, D8x, E8x)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R701-70004
  4. ACTi PMON-2000 Camera Installation Kit

      • Camera installation kit easy-to-use handheld device that connects directly to IP or analog camera
      • Easy to adjust the viewing angle and focus of the camera in real time
      • Camera via PoE standard either from its high capacity battery or from an external power source; electrical grid or PoE switch
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    SKU: PMON-2000
  5. ACTi PLED-0203 IR Illuminator 10° Angle with 200m Approx Range

      • SPINLUX (SL-A2IRXX10-48CL) IR Illuminator 10° Angle with 200m approx. range
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    SKU: PLED-0203
  6. ACTi SMAX-0165 Corner Mount with Junction Box, Gooseneck, Extension Tube and PTZ Mount Kit for I91, I92, KCM-8111

      • Corner Mount with Junction Box, Gooseneck, Extension Tube and PTZ Mount Kit
      • Used for I91, I92, KCM-8111 (PMAX- 0402 + PMAX-0702 + PMAX-0303 + PMAX-0104 + PMAX- 0110)
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    SKU: SMAX-0165
  7. ACTi SMAX-0289 PoE Heavy Duty Outdoor Housing with Bracket and Junction Box

      • PoE heavy duty outdoor housing with bracket
      • Junction box for B2x, D2x, E2x, I2x (PMAX-0206+PMAX-0704)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: SMAX-0289
  8. ACTi PLEN-2204 CS-Mount Day/Night for E23B Box Camera, 7.5-50mm Lens

      • 7.5-50mm focal length
      • CS mount
      • DC Iris, F1.5
      • Manual focus
      • Day/Night operation
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    SKU: PLEN-2204
  9. ACTi PMAX-0803(100pcs) Gang Box Converter for Indoor Dome Camera

      • Gang Box Converter for Indoor Domes
      • Warm Gray color
      • Plastic Material
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    SKU: PMAX-0803(100pcs)