Axis is the global market leader in network video. The company brings the benefits of network video technology to professional video surveillance and remote monitoring applications, introducing the world's first network camera in 1996. Axis is a Swedish-based company, operating worldwide with offices in 18 countries and cooperating with partners in more than 70 countries.

  1. Axis 01816-001 TQ6801 Clear Dome w/ Special Hydrophilic Coating 1PK

      • Accessory clear dome with a durable hydrophilic coating. Helps to prevent water droplets from covering the dome in rainy conditions
      • Coating also provides a self-cleaning effect that helps carry away dirt and dust by rainwash
      • Additionally, the dome is hard-coated for increased protection against scratches
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    SKU: 01816-001
  2. Axis 5901-101 Standard Lens for Q1615 MkII w/ Remote Zoom

      • Intelligent, varifocal i-CS lens 2.8-8.5 mm with IR-correction
      • For use on cameras with support for i-CS lenses
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    SKU: 5901-101
  3. Axis 5801-721 Wall and Pole Mount

      • Flexible installation using the IDC connector
      • Built-in IP66 RJ45 connector
      • Suitable for wall and pole mounting
      • Protection against impact, water, dust and corrosion
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    SKU: 5801-721
  4. Axis 01164-001 T91B47 Pole Mount, 100-410 mm

      • Suitable for a wide range of pole diameters
      • Safe and easy to install
      • IK10-rated vandal resistance
      • NEMA 4X-rated corrosion protection
      • Axis stainless steel (SS316L) straps included
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    SKU: 01164-001
  5. Axis 5507-271 T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount

      • Adjustable length, telescopic arm
      • Swivel - easy to install and maintain
      • Corrosion protected
      • Installation flexibility: parapet and wall
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    SKU: 5507-271
  6. Axis 5901-341 T94N01G Pole Mount

      • For indoor and outdoor use
      • Impact-resistant (IK10)
      • Cable gasket to prevent insect infestation
      • Robust and safe
      • Suitable for Axis positioning cameras and positioning units
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    SKU: 5901-341
  7. Axis 5507-281 Standard Clear Dome for Q61 Series

      • Clear dome sold either in single pack or 5-pieces pack
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    SKU: 5507-281
  8. Axis 5700-751 Clear Dome Cover for Q60-S Series Cameras

      • Clear Dome Cover
      • For PTZ Dome Network Camera
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    SKU: 5700-751
  9. Axis 5801-471 A8105-E Clear Dome, 5-Pack

      • Includes 5 Clear Domes
      • For Axis A8105-E Video Door Station
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    SKU: 5801-471