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  1. Lenovo 40AJ0135US ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station

      • Enterprise-class universal docking for 2018 T, L, X, and X1 Series ThinkPad notebooks
      • Innovative side connector minimizes desk space
      • Intel vPro, PXE boot, Wake-on LAN, and MAC address pass-through
      • Supports ThinkPad RapidCharge
      • Mirrored power button and mechanical unlock
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 40AJ0135US
  2. Lenovo 40AH0135US ThinkPad Pro Docking Station

      • Support UHD video experience via the DP 1.4 port
      • Rapid charge power delivery to selected laptops – 80% charged in 30 minutes
      • Always-on USB port to charge mobile devices even when your notebook is away
      • Enterprise IT companion with commercial-grade management and security features
      • Supports vPro, PXE boot, Wake-On LAN, and MAC address pass-through identification
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 40AH0135US