Motion Detectors PIR

  1. Optex SIP-3020-5 100' X 65' Superior Intelligent PIR Detector

      • Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
      • Detection of ambient temperature and illuminance for automatic sensitivity management
      • Advanced detection algorithm
      • Anti-rotation with 3-axis accelerometer
      • Anti-masking with Active infrared technology
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    SKU: SIP-3020-5
  2. GE Security Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG Image Sensor

      • ETL certified for UL 639
      • 35' x 40' detection coverage area
      • Remotely configurable PIR sensitivity, such as Pet Immunity
      • Easy installation, no broadband or router configuration
      • Tamper detection and walk test mode
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    SKU: 600-9400-IMAG
  3. Optex QXI-DT Hard-Wired Model with Anti-Blocking and Dual-Technology

      • 40', 120 degree outdoor PIR with anti-blocking
      • Dual-technology for greater stability, double layered detection and pet tolerant
      • High (7'-9') mount or low mount (2.6'-4') for pet alley mode
      • SMDA logic and double conductive shielding to minimize nuisance alarms
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  4. Optex RLS-50100V Indoor/Outdoor LiDAR Sensor with Camera, ONVIF-ProfileS

      • Achieve more with just one sensor
      • Intelligent and weather resistant device
      • Connectivity and interoperability
      • Easy installation and maintenance
      • Analytics recognizing moving object’s size, speed and distance from the unit
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    SKU: RLS-50100V
  5. Optex WXS-DAM 180° Panoramic Outdoor PIR Detector with Dual Technology

      • Up to 12m, 180 degree outdoor PIR with anti-masking
      • Dual-technology (4PIR + 2MW), triple layered detection and pet tolerance
      • Selectable low (0.8m-1.2m) or high (2m) mount
      • Independent left/ right detection areas and alarm outputs - ideal for CCTV
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  6. Bosch Professional Series TriTech+ Curtain Motion Detectors with Anti-mask, ISC-PDL1-WAC30G

      • 30 m x 2.6 m (100 ft x 8.5 ft) standard coverage
      • EN50131-2-4 Grade 3 compliant
      • Sensor data fusion technology
      • Tri-focus optics technology
      • Range adaptive radar
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  7. ELK 6030P Wireless PET Immune (40 lbs) Motion Sensor with Security/Convenience Light

      • Pet Immunity up to 40lbs
      • Ease of installation with keypad initiated walk test
      • Selectable coverage range, up to 40 ft x 40 ft
      • Adjustable pulse count helps eliminate false trips
      • High quality dual element Pyroelectric sensor
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    SKU: 6030P
  8. Optex FX-360 25-inch Diameter Ceiling Mount

      • Ceiling Mount with Unparalleled 360 degree Detection Performance
      • Originally Designed Hard Spherical Lens
      • RFI Immunity 20V/m
      • Patented Multi-Focus Lens
      • Selectable Pulse Count : 2 or 4
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    SKU: FX-360
  9. Magnasphere MSK-101-MM FMCW Radar Based Motion Sensor, Dual Sense Zones Pet Filter, Four Relay Outputs

      • FMCW Radar Based Motion Sensor, Dual Sense Zones Pet Filter, Four Relay Outputs
      • Advanced motion sensor and tracker for high-security intrusion detection applications
      • Equipped with Inspects proprietary motion processing engine
      • Provides superior pet immunity, excellent robustness to temperature changes, adverse weather conditions, dust, smoke and debris.
      • Compatible with all alarm panels, with a stylish, Italian designed IP66+IP68 enclosure
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    SKU: MSK-101-MM