1. Visonic PGM-5 5 Outputs Relay Module, Solid State for Powermax

      • Relay module
      • 5 Outputs
      • Solid state for Powermax, power G panels
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    SKU: PGM-5
  2. Bosch D132A Smoke Detector Reversing Relay Module

      • Allows compatible control panels to sound all smoke detectors within a loop during an alarm
      • Mounts easily on any of the three-hole module mounting locations in a compatible control panel enclosure
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    SKU: D132A
  3. $18.12
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    SKU: 100-1050
  4. $12.58
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    SKU: 2500-250
  5. Linear 2510-481 Relay Overload Assembly 2.3-3.2 A

      • Relay Overload Assembly 2.3-3.2 A
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    SKU: 2510-481
  6. United Security Products RRC-4 4 Channel Receiver Relay Output

      • 4 channel power relay receiver is controlled by your smartphone and allows you to remotely enable and disable alarms, sirens and OB-4
      • It can even be used to disable (completely shuts down) your RV, motor vehicle, boat or other machinery when needed. Heavy duty 10 AMP relay outputs
      • AC adaptor and external 12 VDC power cable included
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    SKU: RRC-4
  7. United Security Products RRC-1 1 Channel Power Relay Receiver

      • 1 channel power relay receiver is a RF receiver which allows you to enable or disable (turn on or off) alarms, sirens OB-4 with a Pendant and Wireless Sensor Transmitters
      • Heavy duty 10 AMP relay output
      • AC Adaptor and External 12 VDC Power Cable Included
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RRC-1
  8. Linear 2GIG-VAR-4ROUT 4 Relay Output Module

      • Adds four programmable NO/NC dry contact relays for triggering high current loads, such as magnet locks and door strikes
      • Installs as a keypad bus device, enabling remote configuration changes of a particular output, saving potential truck rolls and the flexibility of remote mounting
      • Includes an on-board tamper for installation in the 2GIG-VAR-ACCBOX
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  9. Linear 2510-366 Stop / Reset Button Alarm Assembly

      • Stop / Reset Button Alarm Assembly
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    SKU: 2510-366