Push Buttons

  1. Alarm Controls PBM-4 Single Gang Momentary Panic Button with One N/C Contact, Stainless Steel

      • Single gang stainless steel wall plate
      • 1-1/2" red mushroom button
      • Normally-open and/or normally-closed contact pairs
      • Contacts rated 10A @ 35VDC or 120VAC
      • Temperature range -25C to +70C
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    SKU: PBM-4
  2. Camden Door Controls CM-4085G Spring Return, DPST 1-60 Second Pneumatic Timer (ADA), Green Button

      • Indoor and outdoor applications
      • Green mushroom button
      • Large, paint filled engraved symbols or words on button
      • 1/4" thick aluminum faceplate and HD button are vandal and tamper resistant
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    SKU: CM-4085G
  3. Alarm Controls TS-40 Single Gang Stainless Steel Wall Plate, 2" Green, Square Push Button Labeled "PUSH TO EXIT"

      • 12VDC operation only
      • Push button will release door if power to timer fails
      • Meets BOCA code for access controlled egress doors
      • Timed contacts rated 2A @ 12VDC
      • Timed contacts adjustable from 2 to 45 seconds
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    SKU: TS-40
  4. Camden Door Controls CM-9600 Illuminated Piezoelectric Push Button, Blank

      • Single gang & narrow faceplates
      • Red and/or green illumination
      • Fail safe/ fail secure selectable
      • N/O + N/C outputs
      • Integrated 40 second adjustable timer
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    SKU: CM-9600
  5. Camden Door Controls CM-400-R Single Gang, N/O Contacts, 1 5/8" Pushbutton, Stainless Steel Faceplate, Red Button

      • 1 5/8" (40 mm) diameter button
      • Vandal resistant free-spinning, heavy-duty button
      • Vandal resistant 18 gauge stainless steel faceplate
      • Single gang, narrow faceplates
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    SKU: CM-400-R
  6. $85.75
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    SKU: TS-23
  7. Camden Door Controls CM-9180PTE Vandal Resistant Exit Switch, Momentary ‘PUSH TO EXIT’

      • Steel button will withstand extreme attacks of all types
      • Button is countersunk in heavy 1/4" thick aluminum plate
      • Indoor or outdoor applications
      • Color coded 18 AWG leads, with spade connectors
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    SKU: CM-9180PTE
  8. $719.30
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    SKU: CM-8000-8
  9. Camden Door Controls CM-8085-3S Spring Return, DPST 1-60 Sec Pneumatic Time Delay, 'PRESIONAR PARA ABRIR', Black

      • 1" diameter, extended button
      • Mounted on heavy 1/4" thick aluminum plate
      • Indoor or outdoor applications
      • Spring return operation
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    SKU: CM-8085-3S