Toshiba Housings

  1. Toshiba JK-SM5C-I Indoor Clear Dome Housing

      • Vandal-resistant
      • Clear Dome
      • For Indoor Use
      • For IK-WB16A / WB16A-W / WB21A Cameras
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    SKU: JK-SM5C-I
  2. Toshiba JK-ACH13HBN Outdoor Housing for Box Camera

      • Outdoor housing box designed for use with the IK-WB30A, IK-6410A, IK-6210A, IK-6550A, IK-6420A, IK-64DNA, IK-65WDA, WB30-KIT28-12, WB30-KIT15-50, and WB30-KIT28-6DN cameras
      • Equipped with thermostatically controlled heater/blower and a wall mount
      • Supports a maximum camera length of 10.5" (26.67 cm) including the lens
      • Enclosure requires a 12VAC or 24VAC output for the camera
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