Alpha SW-ALENTRY5 Alphaentry Software Version 5

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    • Non-returnable or refundable

The SW-ALENTRY5 from Alpha is an alphaentry software version 5, requires separate pc and touch screen or regular monitor (includes dongle). The Alpha SW-ALENTRY5 v5 AlphaEntry software is used for a variety of entry and calling intercom, telephone, VOIP and emergency-call applications.

This AlphaEntry software can be used on virtually any windows based PC for a lobby entry, or concierge / security desk application, or both. The patented software allows a visitor or staff member to call to remote locations using telephone lines, or intercoms or video-intercom stations, and can be inter-mixed for up to 6 different calling methods (an AlphaEntry exclusive). An encrypted activity log stores all relevant system activity (along with optional video images), for future reference. Call signaling is accomplished with user definable .wav files at the AlphaEntry master station(s).


  • Touchscreen and/or Standard screen operation
  • Multilingual lobby display with multilingual voice prompts
  • Intermix Eight types of calling to remote locations
  • Alpha-Numeric Display (fully customizable)
  • Quick filtering for fast name or suite# retrieval
  • All calls/events are logged (with optional video images)
  • Remote relay activation
  • Transfer calls between Master Stations
  • Customizable call tones at Master Stations (.wav files)
  • Choice of Alphanumeric, Qwerty or no keypad displays
  • Full built-in access control capabilities
  • Database is password protected SQL server type
  • Listings can be Resident, Commercial, Priority or Hidden types
  • Works as a standard Telephone-Entry Dialer type or ''No Phone Bill type'' entry station
  • Management reports
  • Complete Package acceptance and notification system with optional MailRoom display(s)
  • Holiday screens or Programmed Ads for lobby units
  • Residents can be listed with or without names or suite numbers (for privacy purposes)
  • Switch Console relays can control low-voltage devices in Timed, toggle On/Off or Momentary modes
  • Can be used to call older analog type intercom and/or videointercom type stations and devices
  • QwikCAM remote security camera viewing
  • PinkNotes Plus building instant messaging system
  • VisitorVerifier live color video pop-up when called
  • All calls to concierge/security desk are logged and stacked in a queue (QwikID) - now with photo option
  • Emergency calls can also activate remote signaling devices, pocket pagers, send emails or text messages to family and/or staff
  • Can report calls to Central Station (requires additional hardware and services)
  • Supports images of residents and/or staff for calling recognition
  • Settings can be made locally, remotely, or over the internet and are multi-level password protected
  • Transfer calls to and from Lobbies to Concierge(s)
  • Works with a variety of STR QwikBUS intercom and video-intercom stations and devices
  • Works with a variety of VOIP intercom stations and devices
  • Concierge can call using Resident, Staff, Emergency or Off Premises display tabs
  • Resident phone numbers are hidden from view (private)
  • Connects to optional Connect2Doorman remote doorman service or those provided by others
  • Fully integrates with optional AlphaNotify mass notification service
Manufacturer  Alpha
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