RVS Systems RVS-VDI-S Commercial Grade VDI Sonar Reversing System

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    • Commercial Grade VDI Sonar Reversing System

The RVS-VDI-S from RVS Systems is a Commercial Grade VDI Sonar Reversing System. The RVS-VDI-S is a heavy duty vehicle reversing system specifically designed for commercial vehicles. It is equipped with stainless steel sensors and a heavy duty weatherproof control box which can withstand harsh weather conditions without any problems. The system “WARNS” the driver or operator with a “beeping” sound indicating potential obstacles are at the rear of the vehicle and then a clear voice “TELLS” the operator the countdown of the remaining distance in feet as the vehicle reverses. The device is activated when the driver puts the vehicle into reverse. Acoustic sensors installed at the rear of the vehicle will transmit a modulated beam signal that is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smoke and snow in any kind of weather, day or night. When the signal strikes a solid object, it bounces back to the sensor and instantaneously sends a detecting signal to the microprocessor.

Manufacturer  RVS Systems
Type  Hardwired
Scene  Indoor, Outdoor
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