PVD Transmitter & Converter

  1. NVT NV-226J-PV Video Transmitter & 12VDC Converter

      • Extended distance camera power and video routed through UTP and RJ45
      • Supports 12VDC cameras with onboard regulated power
      • Use with NVT's PVD(tm) Power Supply Hubs and Cable Integrators
      • Up to 3000ft (1km) with a NVT DigitalEQ(tm) Active Receiver (see Power Distance Calculator)
      • Up to 1500ft (460m) with a NVT StubEQ(tm) Hub (see Power Distance Calculator)
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    SKU: NV-226J-PV
  2. ENS EV01AT 1 Channel Active Balun Transmitter

      • Transceiver Type: 1CH Video Transmitter (Active)
      • Impedance: UTP or Connection or RJ-45: 100Ω; BNC Coax:75Ω
      • Power: AC or DC 12-24V <80mA
      • Transient Protection: 6KV 10 x 700 us IEC61000-4-5
      • Dimensions: 3.2" x 3.2" x 1.1"
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    SKU: EV01AT