Infrared Sensor - Indoor

  1. Optex OA-6500S T(BL) High Mount Industrial Weatherproof Request-to-Exit Sensor, Black

      • Suitable for Industrial Applications
      • Motion Detection
      • Easy Adjustment
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: OA-6500S T(BL)
  2. Bogen ORS2 IR Sensor for Orator Voice Reinforcement

      • Remotely mounted sensor connects using standard coaxial cable
      • Additional sensors can be added to improve signal reception in trouble spots
      • Used with plenum-rated cable assembly (available separately)
      • Supports surface or T-bracket mounting
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: ORS2
  3. Bogen BCIRS IR Sensor with 35ft Cable

      • Two included with Enhancer system
      • 35-foot plenum certified cable
      • Mounting brackets included (with Enhancer System)
    Low Price Guarantee