Controllers & Modules

  1. Axis 0540-001 A1001 Network Door Controller

      • Based on Axis open platforms
      • ONVIF Profile A and C compliant
      • UL 294 approved
      • Supports most reader types
      • Ease of installation and PoE support
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    SKU: 0540-001
  2. Axis 01507-001 A1601 Network Door Controller

      • Support for advanced functionality
      • Based on Axis open platforms
      • ONVIF Profile A and C compliant
      • Supports most reader types
      • Ease of installation and PoE+ support
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 01507-001
  3. ELK M1KAM Single Door Access Module

      • Supervised Input for RTE (Request To Exit) Button/Device
      • Supervised Input for Door Status Sensor
      • Installs in place of an M1 Keypad and operates from the RS-485 4-Wire Keypad Data Bus
      • Four selectable Time settings for "Request to Exit" and "Door Held Open"
      • Hardware Watchdog Circuit
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    SKU: M1KAM
  4. Bosch B208 Octo Input Module

      • Programmable input point functions
      • Easy to read switch addressing
      • 2 interconnect wiring connectors
      • Provides eight points
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    SKU: B208
  5. Panasonic MERCURY-MR62E Reader Interface Module with PoE+ (2 Doors, 4 readers, 6 inputs, 4 outputs)

      • Open Architecture - Use of hardware with HID Mercury OEM partners’ software solutions
      • OSDP Protocol - Secure channel security for reader connectivity
      • Enhanced Security - Embedded crypto memory chip and data-at-rest encryption
      • IP-to-the-Door - Supports PoE+ power, removing the cost of traditional power supplies and homerun wiring
      • Versatile Interoperability - Same reliable interface and identical footprint as the EP controllers
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  6. Linear 224987-01 Assembly PC Board for AE2000Plus CPU

      • Assembly PC Board for AE2000Plus CPU
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    SKU: 224987-01
  7. Suprema DM-20 Secure Multi-Door I/O Module

      • Control up to four doors via multiple inputs and outputs
      • Provides centralized access control of up to 32 doors and eight biometric devices
      • Secure data transmission thanks to encrypted communication
      • Monitor device status with four supervised inputs
      • TTL inputs and outputs
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: DM-20
  8. Linear 620-101293 Apex II Module Assembly

      • PRO access gate operators and barrier arms use this common new advanced APeX II controller
      • APeX II features on-board, low-voltage surge protection for lightning protection
      • APeX II controller also features automatically resetting fuses, and there are no dipswitches or potentiometers to set
      • Dual seven segment LED display for programming and diagnostics
      • Controller also brings soft-start/soft-stop capability to OSCO's line of commercial DC battery backup gate operators
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 620-101293
  9. Bosch D8125 Addressable Expansion Module

      • Provides point identification of initiating devices
      • Supervises wiring to devices for circuit integrity
      • Expands the number of points in the system
      • Compact size
      • Terminal connections for reliability
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: D8125