Bubbles & Cages

  1. Bosch VGA-BUBBLE-IK10 Pendant-Housing Bubble for Autodome 7000 HD Cameras

      • Pendant-Housing Bubble
      • For AUTODOME 7000 HD Cameras
      • Clear rugged IK10-rated nylon
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  2. Speco CHAMD4 Chameleon Cover for O2D4, OiD4

      • Chameleon cover
      • Used for O2D4, OiD4
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  3. $50.70
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    SKU: CM-CLEAR-62
  4. GE Security Interlogix TVD-BS-3S TruVision Mini Dome Bubble Spare, Smoked

      • TruVision mini dome bubble spare for IP VF and TVD-6/7 series analog VF
      • Smoked
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: TVD-BS-3S
  5. Panasonic WVCS5C Clear Dome Cover for WV-SC588 Super Dynamic Full HD PTZ Dome Network Camera

      • Clear dome cover
      • Used for WV-SC588 super dynamic full HD PTZ dome network camera
      • Clear dome for maximum picture brightness
      • Maximum light transmission
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  6. ACTi R701-60003 Transparent Dome Cover for D53, D54, D55, E52~E59

      • Transparent dome cover for D53, D54, D55, E52~E59
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R701-60003
  7. ACTi R701-70001 Transparent Dome Cover for ACM-7411, KCM-3311, KCM-7111, KCM-7311, D61, D62, E61, E62, E63

      • Transparent dome cover for ACM-7411, KCM-3311, KCM-7111, KCM-7311, D61, D62, E61, E62, E63
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R701-70001
  8. Bosch NEZ-A4-BUB-PTIP Tinted Dome Bubble for Dome 4000 Series

      • Tinted dome bubble
      • Used for the NEZ-4112-PPCW4 and NEZ-4212-PPCW4 pendant autodome 12x HD network PTZ cameras
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  9. Mobotix MX-D15-OPT-DCT Transparent Replacement Dome for D15 and D25

      • Suitable for: D1x
      • Not for Pano/180° and DNight-Fix models (suitable XL cover available on request)
    Low Price Guarantee