Bosch Wireless Handheld System Includes HTU2C-510 Transmitter, RE510 Super Cardioid Condenser Element, RE-2 Diversity Receiver, A Band, RE-2-510-C-A

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Product Highlights
    • Frequency Agile UHF
    • Diversity Reception
    • Advanced ClearScan
    • HTU-2 Handheld Transmitter

The RE-2-510-C-A from Bosch is a handheld system includes: HTU2C-510 transmitter featuring the RE510 super cardioid condenser element, and RE-2 diversity receiver, A band.

The RE-2 Series wireless microphone systems provide true professional wireless technology featuring UHF transmission, diversity reception and rugged, road worthy design.

The RE-2 handheld system features the RE-2 receiver and HTU-TD handheld transmitter with RE510 super-cardioid microphone head.

The RE-2 receiver is designed to provide clear reception in any environment. UHF reception eliminates noise and interference caused by crowded frequency bands. Diversity technology further reduces drop-out and interference utilizing dual internal receivers competing for the strongest possible reception. Over 1,112 possible channels are user programmable in 25kHz steps over a 24MHz bandwidth. The ClearScan feature automatically searches for clear group and channel settings allowing quick setup. The RE-2 features a unique "Guitar" setting that optimizes a standard receiver / bodypack for use with a guitar.

The HTU-2 handheld transmitter features a comfortable yet rugged design with an over-molded Warm-Grip handle, reducing handling noise and encouraging proper microphone technique. This RE-2 includes the RE510 super-cardioid microphone head. The transmitter features high and low transmit power for greater range when needed and operates up to 8 hours on a single 9-volt alkaline battery.


Frequency Agile UHF

The receiver and transmitter both operate over UHF frequencies. The system is frequency agile providing over 1,112 possible, user programmable frequencies in 25kHz steps.

Diversity Reception

The RE-2 receiver features dual internal receivers, set to the same frequency. Enhanced DSP allow both receivers to compete for the strongest reception without interference, noise or drop-out.

Advanced ClearScan

Advanced ClearScan technology allows quick, easy frequency setup. Channels are scanned and the clearest channels within the clearest preset groups are automatically selected.

HTU-2 Handheld Transmitter

This model HTU-2 transmitter features the RE510 super-cardioid, microphone head. The super-cardioid pattern results in minimal pick-up at the sides of the element, yielding higher gain before feed-back.

SKU  RE-2-510-C-A
Manufacturer  Bosch
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