Alpha RCC2556CF 56 Station Call Center-Flush Cabinet

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The RCC2556CF from Alpha is a 56 Station Call Center-Flush Cabinet, includes 56 Station Command Center In Lockable Cabinet and Complete PBX Distribution Unit. The Alpha RCC2556CF (56-station) Refuge Call Centers are used with the AlphaRefuge™ 2400 Area of Refuge system, and are Flush Mount type built into a lockable painted cabinet.

They are used with the RCB2400 Refuge Call Boxes. These Refuge Call Centers are powered by connecting to the central PBX controller and the PWRAPC or PWRAPC112 power supply unit. The AlphaRefuge™ 2400 central equipment power supply provides back-up battery and charging circuitry for the RCB2400 remote call boxes as well as the refuge command center.


  • Heavy-Duty Steel Enclosure in powder coated finish, matching metal back box with twist lock closure (will accept Fireman's Lock not provided by Alpha)
  • Use with up to 56 Refuge Call Boxes on the same telephone line (depending on model)
  • Coordinate and control in-building rescue in the event of an emergency
  • Audible alert sounds when the Refuge Call Box places a call to the Refuge Call Center
  • LED's indicate which Refuge Call Box(es) initiated a call and eliminates the guesswork for emergency personnel
  • Built-in Telephone Line Consolidator Feature
  • Heavy-duty Button Switches and Red Handset with coiled cord
  • Rescue personnel can pick up the Refuge Call Center handset and talk with the Refuge Call Box(es) and any existing emergency call
  • Install the Refuge Call Center in a central location on the first floor (wall mount) or in an area approved by the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)
  • IBC, NFPA, ADAAG Code Compliant and Elevator Code compliant
  • Built-in Battery Back-up and Charging Circuitry provided by PWRAPC or PWRAPC112 power supply
Manufacturer  Alpha
Intercom Type  Audio Intercom
Connection Method  Multi-Wire Digital Systems
Weatherproof    Outdoor
Material  Stainless Steel
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