Alpha RCB2100ND NEMA-4 Refuge Call Box for Alpharefuge 2100 Series, Direct Power

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    • Non-returnable or refundable

The RCB2100ND from Alpha is a Refuge Call Box used with the AlphaRefuge™ 2100 Series Area of Refuge system, and are Surface Mount type built into a NEMA rated fiberglass enclosure, suitable for outdoor use. The PWR2410A is not needed when this Refuge Call Box is powered by 'direct' 120VAC power. It come standard with a built-in heavy-duty metal call button, and are available with an optional mushroom head call button (add Suffix- M). It come standard with a built-in back-up battery and charging circuitry and feature a Red call placed / call answered LED. Only one (1) PWR2410A power supply is needed per system, for each 10 of the RCB stations.


  • Enclosed in a Red fiberglass NEMA 4 rated enclosure, suitable for outdoor use
  • Meets all IBC, ADAAG, and NFPA Code requirements
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Location Identification Message
  • Five (5) Number Dialing Capability
  • On-site or Remote Programming
  • Built-in Consolidator Feature
  • Phone Line Monitoring / Relay Alarm
  • Heavy-duty Metal Call Button
  • Call Placed / Call Answered LED
  • Phone checks every 24 hours for an active phone line, if one is not detected, phone will provide a relay trip
  • Braille Label
  • Built-in Battery Back-up and Charging Circuitry
  • Options (at extra cost) include Strobe & Interface Relay, Mushroom Head call button (add suffix-M) and built-in security pinhole camera
  • Rated from -40 to +130 °F
Manufacturer  Alpha
Intercom Type  Audio Intercom
Connection Method  Multi-Wire Digital Systems
Weatherproof    Outdoor
Material  Steel
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