Bosch Vari-Directional Array Base Unit, limited quantities, White, LA3-VARI-BL

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Product Highlights
    • Superior Technology For Superb Acoustics
    • Active Line Array
    • EVAC Compliant
    • Interchangeable Data
    • CobraNet Networking

The LA3-VARI-BL from Bosch is a vari-directional array limited quantities delivers high quality sound with reduced background reverberations and high levels of speech intelligibility. The array combines a wide coverage area with digitally controlled directivity for a greater sound control.


Superior Technology For Superb Acoustics

  • Hard construction materials applied in buildings such as railway stations, airports, places of worship and conference centers, lead to disturbing reverberation
  • Thanks to digitally controlled directivity, sound is only sent where it is needed, producing an optimal sound field with perfect speech intelligibility
  • The modular steel-cased array units can be mounted indoors or outdoors, flat against the wall or even flush-mounted

Active Line Array

  • Bosch's active technology covers a large range, up to 50 m, and generates an evenly distributed sound output pattern.

EVAC Compliant

  • Full EVAC compliance means that the arrays conform to local and international requirements for voice-alarm applications. All the amplifier and loudspeaker components are fully supervised

Automated Configuration

  • The Bosch Configuration Software makes it easier than ever to configure a line array.

Easy, Intuitive Software Interface

  • The software menus are straightforward to use and easy to understand.
  • The software can fully control the built-in delay, equalization, supervision parameters for Voice Evacuation applications and offers automatic volume control for noisy environments

Interchangeable Data

  • When a 3-dimensional analysis of room-acoustics is required, the directivity data of the Vari-directional arrays can be easily exported for use in EASE
  • The computer running the configuration software can be connected to the array directly or via a dedicated network by means of an RS485/USB connection

Superb Speech Intelligibility

  • Due to the optimal sound beam, there is no sound-energy loss and no disturbing reverberation, resulting in clear and easy-to-understand recorded messages and live speech.

Fewer Installation Points

  • The long throw, combined with the wide horizontal opening angle and built-in amplifiers, means that fewer loudspeakers are needed to cover a large area, even an outdoor space like a recreation park
  • Vari-directional Arrays use best-in-class technology to ensure that the target audience hears everything perfectly, whatever the application

CobraNet Networking

  • Using the optional CobraNet networking feature, Vari-directional Arrays can operate and be individually addressed in an infrastructure or larger system such as a Praesideo public address system from Bosch using the existing Ethernet network

Only A Few Modules Make A World Of Difference

  • Just a few product types provide all the tools to configure a superb loudspeaker system for nearly any environment. The standard base unit (LA3-VARI-B) is rugged enough for outdoor use, while the high-frequency base unit (LA3-VARI-BH) uses coax drivers for improved music reproduction.
Manufacturer  Bosch
Weatherproof  Yes
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