Aiphone Audio Speakers

  1. Aiphone MH-15W Multi-tap Paging Horn

      • Lightweight aluminum horn
      • Weatherproof and waterproof construction
      • Universal metal mounting bracket
      • Built-in transformer for 100/70/25V systems
      • 8? direct tap
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    SKU: MH-15W
  2. Aiphone NI-LB Ceiling Speaker, Use with NI-SB

      • Flush mount ceiling speaker for use with the NIM system
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    SKU: NI-LB
  3. Aiphone SP-20N/A Ceiling Speaker, 8Ω with LT-1 Transformer

      • 8” dual cone speaker, 20 ohms
      • Provides two-way communication
      • Use with Aiphone LEF, LEM and NEM systems (requires the NP-25V)
      • Call button can be added to call master station (Additional components required)
      • Round white steel baffle
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    SKU: SP-20N/A
  4. Aiphone SP-2570N Ceiling Speaker, 25/70V Transformer, 5W

      • 8” dual cone speaker, 8 ohms
      • 25 or 70V transformer
      • Five wattage taps from 1/4W to 4W
      • Round white steel baffle
      • Excellent sound reproduction for music and paging
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    SKU: SP-2570N
  5. Aiphone IER-2 Chime Extension Speaker

      • Announces a call tone (no communication)
      • One speaker for the master or sub station
      • 3-position (high, medium, low) volume control switch
      • Can be surface mounted on a wall using a single-gang box
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    SKU: IER-2