Computar TG2616FCS-L 1/3-inch 2.6mm f1.6

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Product Highlights
    • For 1/3 inch format cameras
    • Video Auto Iris
    • CS-mount lens
    • Focal Length 2.6
    • Iris Range F1.6

Computer mono-focal auto iris lenses are available with either a DC or Video type iris output. They are recommended for use outdoors or in areas with changing light conditions.

DC type (FCS and FCS-L series) lenses come prewired with a 4 pin connector which is compatible with most current CCTV cameras. They are available with either a short (9cm) cable or a long (31cm) cable. Cameras with a side connector will usually accept a short cable while those with a connector on the back panel need a long cable.

Video Type (AFCS and APC series) lenses include ALC and Level adjustments on the lens barrel. They contain amplifier circuitry to convert the video signal from the camera into iris motor control. They have a long (31cm) cable and are sold without a connector, although a connector can be installed upon request. In this case, the camera brand and model are required.


  • For 1/3-inch format cameras
  • Video Auto Iris
  • CS-mount lens
  • Focal Length: 2.6
  • Iris Range: F1.6
  • Max. Aperture Ratio: 1:1.6
Manufacturer  Computar
Lens Size    2.6 mm
Mount Type  CS Mount
Iris Type    Auto Iris
Desired Aperture    F/1.6
Focus Control  Manual
CCD Size    1/3"
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