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EverFocus is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of surveillance equipment including cameras DVR’s and control systems.

Everfocus is a true manufacturer conducting all their research and development as well as product assembly in house. This means that when you buy an Everfocus product it’s not a third party product that has been tested and rebranded, it’s made by them. This allows Everfocus to deliver high quality dependable units suitable for some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Based in Taiwan EverFocus has offices located around the world including the U.S.A (California & New York), Germany, China and Japan.

For warranty information click here:

EverFocus USA - California:

Tel: (626) 844-8888
Fax: (626) 844-8838

EverFocus USA - New York:

Tel: (631) 436-5070
Fax: (631) 436-5027

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  1. Everfocus EBC980R Standalone finger vein reader/controller
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    Price: $1,470.00
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      • Web-based, cross-network and cross-area management through WAN and Internet
      • Uses encryption with a random code to save finger characteristics for high security
      • SSL ensures safe sessions over web browsers
      • DHCP and Static IP supported
      • Plug and play
  2. Everfocus ERR-871-NRB Single Gang Proximity Reader
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    Price: $52.00
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      • Uses Pigtail Wire for Installation
      • Wiegand or RS-232 Data Output
      • 125KHz Proximity Technology
  3. Everfocus ERM-871-MRB Mullion Style Gang Proximity Reader Black Weather-Resistant
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    Price: $52.00
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      • Black Color
      • Weather Resistant
      • Mullion Mounting
  4. Everfocus ERK-871-NRB Keypad Single Gang Proximity Reader Black Weather-Resistant
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    Price: $72.00
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      • Keypad Configuration
      • Works with EverAccess Controller
      • Single Gang
      • Indoor and Outdoor Use
      • Standard US Switchplate Size
  5. EverFocus EBC910R NAV Series TCP / IP Standalone Network Fingerprint Access Controller
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    Price: $889.73
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      • Large Storage Capacity: Supports up to 10,000 users and 1 million event log entries
      • Flexible Operating Mode
      • Feature-Rich Management Functions: Capable of conducting access administration based on time, date, location, and cardholder's access privileges
      • Powerful Alarm Features
      • Up to 13 door access types to provide customers with convenient options to suit their needs
  6. EverFocus ERK-971 Touch-screen Access Control Card Reader
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    Price: $78.00
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      • Wiegand 26-bit or RS-232 output format
      • Streamlined design to include a touch panel
      • 3 x 4 touch panel
      • Equipped with built-in buzzer and three LED indicator lights
      • TVS for protection against transient absorption power up to 500W

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6 Item(s)

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