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  1. L.H. Dottie RTTP6020 Step Drill Bit, 1/4-Inch to 1-1/8-Inch Base and Tip
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    Price: $66.44
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      • A real money saver base bits last 3 to 4 times longer at a fraction of the cost
      • Economical replaceable tips lock in place
      • Step bit performance remains identical to that of non replaceable tip bits
      • Constructed of M2 high speed steel, coated with titanium and cobalt
      • Tri-cut tip cuts smoother, faster and cooler
  2. L.H. Dottie FB5072 Flexible Bit, 1/2-Inch Diameter by 72-Inch Length
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  3. L.H. Dottie FB5054 Flexible Bit, 1/2-Inch Diameter by 54-Inch Length
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  4. Platinum Tools 12507C Tele-Titan Modular Plug Crimp Tool
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    Price: $29.11
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      • Compact, balanced and easy to use - fits hand well
      • Uses true parallel or straight action, vertical crimp force
      • Precisely seats, or terminates, all pins to industry specified crimp heights
      • Stays securely closed for storage with
      • Crimps with nominal hand force
  5. Platinum Tools 10540C BTC-20 (2/0) Cable Cutter
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    Price: $20.44
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      • Cuts solid or stranded cable & wire up to 2/0 (70 sq. mm) soft copper (not hard drawn)
      • Cuts up to 4/0 (95 sq. mm) aluminum
      • Cuts 100-pair 24 AWG telephone cable
      • Cuts cleanly without distorting cable
      • High leverage design for greater cutting capacity
  6. Platinum Tools, 10530C, Ceramic Kevlar Scissors
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    Price: $46.33
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      • Cuts fiberglass aramid fibers
      • Zirconia ceramic blades
      • Never needs sharpening
      • Large finger loops for ease of use
  7. Platinum Tools, 10525C, Telcom Electrician Scissors, Package for Peghook
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    Price: $19.12
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      • Cuts stranded wire to 12 AWG
      • Cuts solid wire to 16 AWG
      • Trims Kevlar in fiber optic cable
      • Strips 19 to 23 AWG wire
      • Serrated edges on back of blades for cleaning wire and binding posts
  8. Platinum Tools 10522C 5" Scissor-Run Electrician's Scissors Kit
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    Price: $35.44
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      • Durable leather belt pouch with the 10520C 6" nickel-plated cable splice’s knife and the 10517C 5" Scissor-Run Electrician’s Scissors
  9. Platinum Tools 10521C Leather Pouch
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  10. Platinum Tools 10517C 5" Scissor-Run Electrician's Scissors (Clamshell Packaging)
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    Price: $16.12
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      • Full-serrated bottom blade for non-slip cutting
      • Through hardened, high carbon steel for edge retention
      • Double-plated chrome over nickel
      • Easily re-sharpens and holds cutting edge
      • Scraper and file on backside of blades
  11. Platinum Tools 10514C CCS-6 Cable Cutter
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    Price: $16.96
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      • Fully tested to 10,000 cuts on RG6 CCS, copper clad steel center conductor, with no degradation to the cutting blades
      • Provides outstanding cutting performance on all types of solid copper wire, twisted pair and coax cables
      • Optimal blade geometry ensures that the cable stays round during the cutting process so connectors are easy to affix to the cable
      • Comfortable PVC handle grips
      • Length 6.3 (162 mm)
  12. Platinum Tools, 100004C, EZ-RJ45 Cat5e Connector, 100 pc, Bag
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    Price: $45.51
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      • Crimps and trims extended wire in the EZ-RJ45 Connector in a single cycle
      • For use with EZ-RJ45 Cat 5/5e and Cat 6 connectors
      • Features precision cast crimping dies for superior accuracy
      • Built in wire cutter and stripper for silver satin
      • Laser marked with wiring guide for proper wire sequence
  13. Axis, 5503-561, Lens Tool Kit AXIS M311X 2MM 4PCS
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    Price: $22.95
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      • For M3114-VE Nocap 2mm Camera
      • For M3114-R M12 2mm Camera
      • Opening Tools
      • Lens Tools
  14. Axis 21776 Mounting Tool for Pole Mounts
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  15. Platinum Tools 15063 EZ-Fiber Slitter
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    Price: $25.50
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      • Safely enclosed blade
      • Easy handheld operation
      • Ergonomic design
      • Works with flat drop fiber cables from multiple vendors
  16. Platinum Tools 13210 JackAX 110 Termination Tool, No Blade
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    Price: $56.56
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      • Innovative design ensures 110 jacks are properly terminated eliminating common NEXT and FEXT failures
      • Uses standard 110 blades-no expensive die set heads to purchase, zero dollars tied up in inventory
      • More comfortable to use than the traditional punchdown tool and puck
      • Zero impact termination prevents block damage or stress
      • Increases performance, accuracy and productivity on the job site-translating to more profitability
  17. Platinum Tools 11050 1.0/2.3 Connector Removal Tool
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    Price: $23.76
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      • Precision Machined & Formed
      • Nickel Plated
      • Extruded & Polished Resin Handle
  18. Platinum Tools 4007 Hanging Pouch for Snap Shot Fault Finding/Cable Length Meter, Coax Clarifier Meters
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  19. Comelit 1251/A Hand-held programmer
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  20. Platinum Tools, 13004BLC, Replacement Knives, for PN 13004, 3 per, Clamshell
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    Price: $6.74
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      • Lower cost, replace just the cutting knives, not the complete blade
      • Beveled cutting edge
      • Faster, cleaner termination
      • Less stress on sensitive circuitry
      • 110 Style cross connect blocks

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Items 181 - 200 of 287

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