Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem

Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 by Interlogix Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 by Interlogix Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 by Interlogix Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 by Interlogix Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 by Interlogix
Interlogix NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 NX-8E-CB, Kit w/CDMA Modem NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 by Interlogix
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Product Highlights
    • Cellular module can be located up to 90 ft. (27.4m) from the main control panel
    • LED status lights display signal strength and simplify troubleshooting
    • Flash memory microprocessor
    • 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detector compatibility
    • Integrated 48-zone wireless receiver

The NX-8E-CB-KIT-VZ3 From Interlogix is a NX-8E-CB Kit with CDMA Modem, NX-148E-RF, NX-590NE, NX-216E, NX-507E, 16 Panics, and 2 Transformers. The NX-592E-CDMA-ZX-VZ From Interlogix is a Cellular Modem (Verizon). New cellular modules enable the NetworX series of security panels to communicate signals wirelessly over CDMA cellular networks. This provides users with's secure wireless signaling and convenient functionality including real-time event notification, Web-based remote monitoring and other home system control capabilities. The digital wireless communication also enables secure alarm reporting to any central station via SIA or Contact ID, regardless of whether a phone line is installed at the system location. Users can remotely monitor and control their security system via smartphone, tablet or via the website. Features include viewing system status and history, arming and disarming the system, setting up user codes, and creating customized email and text message notifications for any type of alarm or non-alarm activity at the property. Additionally, using the Z-Wave enabled modems enables the control of Z-Wave class devices such as lighting and thermostats.

The NX-148E-RF From Interlogix is a 192-Zone Programmable LCD Keypad. The modules interface with the NetworX panel data bus and are powered by the panel. Status LEDs on the module allow for cellular signal strength checking, as well as troubleshooting during installation. The cellular module can be used as the primary means of communication or as a backup to a landline phone connection. Each NetworX panel supports a maximum of one wireless module. For added peace of mind, an optional tamper detection switch is available that signals when the module cover is removed. The NetworX wireless LCD display keypad is an integrated 48-zone wireless receiver LCD keypad with traditional design and an easy-to-read, customizable display. It is compatible with all NetworX control panels. The NetworX wireless LCD display keypad offers the convenience of having an integrated wireless receiver built into the keypad along with standard hardwire features. A removable door allows the user to swing the door down or simply take it off for use.

The emergency keys are highlighted on the keypad and can be programmed to contact and send complete information to a responding police, fire or EMS unit with just one touch. There are also five pre-programmed touch keys that allow the most common functions to be performed with ease. All keys are backlit to ensure error-free operation --- even in a dark room. The NetworX wireless LCD display keypad is cost-effective and easy to install. Designed for functionality and compatibility, it's the right keypad to fit any application. The NX-590NE From Interlogix is a TCP/IP Internet Module. The NetworX Ethernet Module brings new functionality to the world of controls with Ethernet connectivity to your central station. Working in conjunction with the Osborne-Hoffman Network Receiver, a direct pipe is established into your current automation. The module can send events to two IP addresses for dual, split or backup reporting. Events may also be sent to two e-mail addresses. The NetworX control panel can also be configured for dial or cellular backup should network communications fail. Triple-DES encryption is used to protect data from being compromised. To further enhance network security, a dynamic KEY generation is employed with a new 24-byte random number generated for every event. The module also offers the choice of static IP, where the IP addresses are fixed and assigned by IS department; or DHCP, where a pool of IP addresses is assigned by a server to units on the network and IP addresses here can and do change. Either way, all functions are programmable via keypad or DL900 upload/download software. Interlogix NX-216E 8-16 Zone hardware expander module for NX8 and NX8E systems. Up to five of these modules can be added to a system to provide for up to 48 additional zones. This microcontroller based ''Smart Module'' is easy to use, and features a modular design that slides into the X-Pand-A-Can enclosure of the NetworX NX-8 and NX-8E main controls. The Interlogix NX-507E is a seven relay expander module that has been designed for use as an auxiliary module for increasing the capacity of NX control panels. The NX-507E comes with 7 separate open/closed relay contacts, 8 module connection to Networx control panels, 8 different schedules/output programming, 1 low current trigger output and any/all partitions programming event activation.

Manufacturer  Interlogix
Style  Wireless
Zone Options  8, 192
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