1. Pelco A1-KBD-3D-KIT2 VideoXpert Enhanced Keyboard and 3D Mouse Combination Kit

      • VideoXpert Enhanced Keyboard and 3D Mouse Combination Kit
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    SKU: A1-KBD-3D-KIT2
  2. InVid UKBM-KEYBOARD 7" Touch Screen Full PTZ/IP/DVR Keyboard

      • 7″ TFT touch screen at 800×480 resolution
      • Speed dome, video decoder & DVR control
      • 1-ch HD video stream decoding at 1080p
      • Support 15 users, and each can operate up to 256 devices
      • USB 2.0 interface for video backup
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  3. InVid VKB-1100 Keyboard Controller for Vision Series PTZs

      • Keyboard controller for vision series PTZs
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    SKU: VKB-1100
  4. $380.99
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    SKU: Y-U0023-G910KBD
  5. Samsung SPC-300 Coaxial Remote Controller

      • Control via coaxial cable or RS-485
      • Camera connected : 1 unit
      • Cable extension : Max. 500m (with 5C-2V cable)
      • External control interface : RS-232C, RS-485
      • Power input : 12V DC adaptor or 4AA battery
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    SKU: SPC-300
  6. Geovision, 55-KEYBD-300, GV-Keyboard V2

      • Control up to 16 GV-Systems
      • Directly set up and control up to 32 PTZ cameras
      • OSD panel supported
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 55-KEYBD-300
  7. 55-KEYBC-300 Geovision System Keyboard V3 For Control Center

      • A Keyboard can control up to 16 GV-Systems
      • Multiple Keyboards can work with up to 8 monitors for Digital Matrix, TV Quad and Spot Monitor applications
      • A Keyboard can directly set up and control up to 32 PTZ cameras
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 55-KEYBC-300
  8. Cantek CTW-NKB1000 Keyboard

      • Keyboard to Control
      • Standalone DVR
      • Network High Speed Dome
      • Network Video Server
      • NKB1000: RS485, RS422, USB, RS232 & Network
      • Connect to SmartPSS via USB (NKB1000 only)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CTW-NKB1000
  9. Cantek CT-W-KB1000 Keyboard

      • Keyboard Control
      • Analog High Speed Dome
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CT-W-KB1000