Cable Management

  1. Platinum Tools JH807-100 Bridle Ring, 1/4 X 20 - 1 1/4" ID, 100/Box

      • Suitable for cable management
      • Electro-galvanized zinc finish
      • Applications: Drop wire, concrete, beam flanges, C purlins, and Z purlins
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    SKU: JH807-100
  2. $15.00
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  3. Wire Trak FE000375RFW50 Roll Form Raceway 3/4" X 1/2" Raceway Roll, 50ft, White

      • Push the extra raceway back though the forming/recoil device and it recoils itself back in the box ready for next time
      • Integrated lid latches closed securely and may be opened and closed continually without failure of the hinge section
      • Roll alone for long seamless runs or quick on the spot installations using our complete line of fittings and components
      • Roll raceway exterior is visually and dimensionally identical to the other models of the series, and is compatible with all series fittings and components
      • Patented forming/recoil device comes installed in every dispenser box
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    SKU: FE000375RFW50
  4. Nascom CABLETIE-UVB7H 7-1/2" Mounting Cable Ties, Catamount, UV Nylon, Black, 1000 Pack

      • 7-1/2" Mounting Cable Ties
      • Catamount
      • UV Nylon, Black
      • 1000 Pack
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  5. Platinum Tools 105102 RJ45 Boot, 7.5mm Max OD, Red

      • Protect the connector
      • Prevent tangled messes
      • Eliminate broken release/locking tabs
      • Relieve stress on cable
      • Help maintain radius bend
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    SKU: 105102
  6. Wire Trak FE020500SRW160 One Piece Latching 1" x 1/2" Surface Raceway, 160ft, White

      • Integrated Cover Latching Raceway for concealing and organizing cables and wires
      • Co-extruded one piece design featuring a patented, durable, flexible hinge connecting the base and cover
      • Parts made from a UL VO-94 compliant PVC
      • UL 62DB
      • Comes with pre-applied foam tape for speedy installation
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    SKU: FE020500SRW160
  7. Wire Trak FE020375CCC160 3/4" X 1/2" One Piece Cord Cover, 160ft, Clear

      • Decorative One Piece Side Loading Raceway for concealing and organizing cable and wire
      • Cord Cover raceways are of a low cost one piece design that offers clean lines when aesthetics are the main requirement
      • Quick Installation in mind
      • Slipped under a flexible tab located on the lower side of the raceway
      • Parts made from a UL VO-94 compliant PVC
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    SKU: FE020375CCC160
  8. ICC ICCMSCMA21 Single Vertical Finger Duct, Side Mnt

      • Provides flexibility for vertical cable management for the front of a rack
      • Equipped with feed-through holes on the back side for easier cable routing from front to back
      • Side mount, brackets on one side (Mounts on either side of the rack)
      • Includes a cover to conceal routed cables providing a neat and clean appearance
      • Compatible with all ICC distribution racks
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  9. ICC ICRW33R8WH Raceway, 1 1/4"W X 3/4"H X 8'L, White

      • Designed to blend in and conceal voice, data, coax, audio, video and fiber cables in office and residential environments
      • Integrated one-piece latching system provides a simple and quick install
      • Adhesive backing allows a secure and permanent placement
      • Easy to cut, trim and paint to fit virtually any décor and application layout
      • Accommodates a wide variety of outlet boxes including IC108SB Elite surface mount boxes
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