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Surveillance-video has been selling top-rated security industry brands at affordable prices for more than 40 years. We believe in building security systems that are highly customized and multi-functional, as off-the-shelf products are sometimes too limited in their capabilities. We pride ourselves on an excellent customer service team that can help you choose the best products for your needs. Among the great components we carry are ETS microphone and audio surveillance products.

ETS was established by Robert Evans in 1992. He began working out of his garage to produce special-purpose electronic products for security markets and for the visually impaired. ETS has grown to become a nationally recognized company working out of a 7,000 -square-foot facility. ETS offers electronics assembling, test/calibration, debugging, and circuit board design. They specialize in projects that utilize digital circuitry and embedded micro-controllers. The ETS philosophy is to place products, customers, and employees over personal gain.

Connect an ETS microphone with your camera system to add strong sound quality to your footage. Many ETS microphones have omnidirectional patterns and high sensitivity and frequency response, meaning that the microphones can pick up ultra-low noise. Many of our ETS microphones come in covert styles and have the appearance of a smoke detector or switch plate. Our microphones pair well with an ETS speaker, which can be used with audio surveillance and public address systems. Your ETS speaker can include wall mounting hardware and will either broadcast important messages or play back your audio surveillance footage.

ETS audio surveillance products are great tools to help protect a place of business and deliver important messages throughout a unit. Maximize your workplace safety and security with our reliable products.

Surveillance-video wants to make sure that you are making the most of your security system, so we offer lifetime technical support on all the products we sell. Call us and we can help you handle troubleshooting, installation, and returns. Our customer service team is here to help with product selection, too. You don’t have to be an expert to make informed decisions about your purchases. Call today or use our chat box function to request a quote or start shopping.

  1. ETS SVRB-X Simple Voltage Regulator Board

      • Compact size
      • Automatic short circuit and thermal shutdown
      • 2 Watt power dissipation
      • 1 amp maximum current draw
      • AC or DC (polarity insensitive) voltage input
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  2. LT870 70V Line Transformer

      • Includes 3 Watts RMS power maximum at 500-5Khz
      • Permits speakers to be installed far away from the power amplifier with minimum signal loss
      • Easy cable runs termination
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    SKU: LT870
  3. ETS, GPRB-16, Sixteen Channel Relay Board

      • Accepts Voltages from 12 or 24V AC/ DC, Jumper selectable
      • 6 or12V AC/DC version available
      • LED indicators for each channel
      • Form C (DPST) output contacts
      • Jumper selectable commons for both input and output sides
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    SKU: GPRB-16
  4. ETS RI-16 Sixteen Channel Universal Relay Board

      • Accepts Voltages from 5 to 24VAC or 5 to 24VDC
      • LED indicators for each channel
      • Each input contains a rectifier / Voltage regulator for constant Voltage across relay coil regardless of input Voltage
      • 40ma current consumption per channel max
      • 1 Amp relay output contact current rating @ 48VDC
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    SKU: RI-16
  5. ETS SARM-1 Sound Activated Relay Module

      • Connector for use directly with SM1 series microphones
      • RCA (or 3.5mm) connectors for use with other audio line level sources and for connection to recording and or monitoring equipment
      • Adjustable threshold level
      • Adjustable alarm time in two ranges. 0-60 seconds or 0-60 minutes
      • Event time qualifier selectable on / off: Instant or .5 second (threshold sound level must be present for .5 seconds)
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    SKU: SARM-1
  6. ETS KLRB-1 IP Camera Relay Output Module for Door Locks

      • IP Camera Relay Output Module for Door Locks
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    SKU: KLRB-1