ACTi Automation & Security

ACTi is a top manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. ACTi focuses on serving all areas of the surveillance industry. The primary goal of is to develop and incorporate a complete solution for users through IP surveillance. ACTi has assisted their customers by providing the best video compression solutions while maintaining optimal Megapixel resolutions while retaining minimal bandwidth. ACTi also focuses on providing their customers with training and support.

ACTi offers a wide range of products allowing them to provide video solutions to all levels of users. ACTi also simplifies things for their users by maintaining a uniformed firmware interface for all devices. With the products and services ACTi offers; these attributes assisted them in being the technology leader in IP Surveillance.

ACTi Corporation
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GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X175
FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. ACTi PPBX-0002 Universal Power Adapter

      • Ultra Compact / Light-Weight
      • Includes 4 Types of Connectors
      • UL/CUL Listed
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PPBX-0002
  2. ACTi PPBX-0003 Power Adapter AC 100~240V with Universal Connectors

      • Power Adapter
      • AC 100~240V
      • Dimension (L x W x H): 7.6 x 5.1 x 3.25 (cm)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PPBX-0003
  3. ACTi PACX-0006 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for PMON-2000

      • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for PMON-2000
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PACX-0006
  4. $185.00
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PPBX-0008
  5. $38.00
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R707-X0003
  6. ACTi R707-X0004 Power Adapter AC 100~240V (for ENR-010P)

      • Power adapter AC 100~240V (for ENR-010P)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R707-X0004
  7. ACTi R707-X0005 Power Adapter AC 100~240V (for ENR-020P)

      • Power adapter AC 100~240V (for ENR-020P)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R707-X0005
  8. ACTi R707-X0006 Power Adapter AC 100~240V (for IVS-110)

      • Power adapter AC 100~240V (for IVS-110)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R707-X0006
  9. ACTi PPBX-0001 Weatherproof Power Adapter, AC 220~230V

      • Weatherproof Power Adapter
      • AC 220~230V
      • For CAM-65xx, CAM-66xx and TCM-6630
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: PPBX-0001