Audio Modules

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    SKU: 4680C
  2. Norcon TTU-3JSD Counter Mount Intercom US EMB

      • Clear, 2-way hands-free voice communication (duplex)
      • Quality electronic design and engineering
      • Rugged, tamper-resistant materials
      • Simple, one-person installation, No need to cut a hole in the barrier
      • Compact, contemporary design, Fits any decor
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    SKU: Nor-TTU-3JSD
  3. Comelit 3475 S2 Audio/Video Module with Audio/Video Unit, Architectus Pro Range

      • Flush-mounted audio/video module (fitted level with the wall) and 3 mm thick stainless steel plate
      • Complete with Art. 4680C for audio/video/door lock management
      • Allows management of visual call, conversation and door lock status indications
      • For powering at 33 Vdc with art. 1595. Dimensions 184x184x3 mm
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    SKU: 3475
  4. Comelit VA2F-IP 2 Button EZ-Pack Audio Entry Panel Kit, Flush Mount, IP Vandalcom Series for Simplebus

      • EZ-Pack Audio Entry Panel Kit
      • 2 Button
      • Flush Mount
      • IP Vandalcom Series for Simplebus
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    SKU: VA2F-IP
  5. Comelit 1682HVC iKall Series Audio Module for Remote Color Camera, ViP

      • ViP system audio unit with facility for connection of a remote camera
      • Complete with terminal block and digital audio management system
      • Compatible with H.264 video format
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    SKU: 1682HVC
  6. Comelit UT8010 IP (VIP) Ultra Audio Module

      • Audio module for Ultra entrance panel, IP (ViP) system
      • Twilight sensor for automatic nameplate backlighting power-off during daytime hours
      • Omnidirectional digital microphone and dual loudspeaker for high-fidelity audio
      • Audio-visual indications for disabled individuals assistance request can be activated via programming
      • Regulation and programming without removing the module
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    SKU: UT8010
  7. Comelit 4681 Color Audio/Video Unit for Simplebus 2W System Ikall Series

      • Color audio-video unit for 2-wire systems with terminal block complete with directable colour camera with front adjustment
      • Complete with microprocessor and 8-position dip switch for programming calls to users
      • Programmable audio-visual functions for users with disabilities
      • On-board electronic lock-release function (3A) plus C, NC, NO contacts for 10A relay
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    SKU: 4681
  8. Comelit UT1020 Ultra Simplebus1 Audio/Video Module

      • Ultra Simplebus1 Audio/Video Module
      • Easy to install and configure
      • Programmable audiovisual functions for users with disabilities
      • Adjustment and programming can be carried out without removing the module
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    SKU: UT1020
  9. Comelit 4682HKC Color Audio/Video Unit for ViP Kit System, iKall Series

      • ViP KIT system audio-video unit with terminal block
      • Complete with mini lens colour camera
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    SKU: 4682HKC