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RCU-801 - Control Unit for REMOTE SET-UP of the ICD- 828/ 809/ 879/ ISD-A21
    • Remote Control Unit
    • For ICD-8X8, ICD-8X9, ISD-A21 Series

    Model No: RCU-801
    SV# RCU-801
Price: $466.40

Availability: In stock.

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The RCU-801 is a control unit for a remote set-up from Ikegami which has been designed to be used with the ICD-828, 809, 879 CCD color cameras and the ICD-A21 hyper wide light dynamic color camera. The RCU-801 control unit includes a video output coaxial type cable which is designed to be used for control over multi-channel transmissions; it also comes with a memory setting function, BNC connectors, and picture quality adjustments. The RCU-801 control unit can be used where a remote set-up system is required for monitoring transmissions of a various number of color cameras via video coaxial cable; it also comes easy to use and install for all operators.


  • Remote Control Unit
  • For ICD-8X8, ICD-8X9, ISD-A21 Series




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