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Louroe Electronics ASK-4 #302 Audio Monitoring Kit
    • IF-2 Interface Adapter
    • Verifact A Microphone

    Model No: LE-374
    SV# LE-374
Price: $399.95

Availability: In stock.

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The LE-374 Audio Monitoring Kit from Louroe Electronics is a 2-zone audio monitoring system designed for direct connection to a DVR, PC soundcard or IP Network Camera. This kit consists of 2 Verifact A Microphones, 2 Single RCA Cables for connecting to a DVR / VCR, an IF-2 Audio Interface Adapter, an AD-1 Plug-in Switching AC Adapter, and 2 RCA to 3.5mm Mono Adapters for connecting to an IP Camera with a 3.5mm mono audio input adapter.

The Verifact A Microphone is an omni-directional, low impedance, electret condenser Microphone with a built-in preamp for producing line level audio. It is housed in a high impact ABS dome designed for ceiling or wall mounting. The normal pick-up pattern is approximately 15' (4.57m) from the microphone location towards all the directions, or within a 30' (9.14m) diameter circle. It is suitable for use in convenience stores, fast food restaurants, booking rooms, interrogation rooms, day care centers, sleep disorder centers, therapy labs, cashier booths, gas stations, or anywhere CCTV cameras are installed.

The Louroe IF-2 Audio Interface Adapter is designed for connecting up to 2 Louroe microphones to a DVR or other recording devices that has multiple audio inputs. The units contain RCA outputs (per microphone) for accommodating either an RCA input or a 3.5mm (mini jack) input connection to a DVR, an IP network camera, or a video server using the connector cables supplied. The IF-2 Audio Interface Adapter provides phantom power to the Louroe microphones, and it contains a variable gain adjust per output to prevent the overdriving of the DVR. The function of the Audio Test Switch is to indicate the presence of audio and to assure that the IF-2 Audio Interface Adapter is driving the audio signals into the input of the audio receiving device. The audio indicator LED illuminates when audio is present.


  • IF-2 Interface Adapter
  • Verifact A Microphone




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