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AVE 114020 2 Vid/IP Cam Xmt/Rec; 500GB; PSTN/ISDN/GSM/HSCSD; 60fps; Audio; PTZ Ctl
    • Real-time video recording
    • Integrated email client for alarming up to two email addresses
    • Data transmission via USB interface
    • Compact design, suitable for desk, wall and 19” mountin
    • Live video transmission and simultaneous playback and recording (Triplex)

Model No: 114020
Price: $1,662.00

Availability: In stock.

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The Chainwatch compact XRS Video transmission DVR provides long-term recording onto a intergrated hard disk drive with many options for recording, including independent record parameters specific to each camera. Continuous recording is available as well as motion and alarmed recording. Remote viewing is via dial up or IP connection and because Chainwatch is fully Triplex, there is no restriction on simultaneous transmission, playback and live recording. Available in 2 analogue or IP cameras, for PAL or NTSC.


  • Long-term recording onto intergrated hard disk with adaptive multi-track management for schedule-controlled permanent and motion recording, or contact-triggered event recording
  • Real-time video recording
  • Free of charge implementation of hybrid functionality for existing transmitters via remote firmware update
  • Hybrid functionality with manufacturer-neutral compatibility for analogue and IP cameras
  • Individually adjustable image resolutions up to 720 x 288 pixels and megapixel resolution with IP-cameras
  • Integrated Multi-Unicast server supporting multiple IP network connections and simultaneous dial-up connections
  • Integrated Web server for up to 4 IP-connections, enabling video transmission and camera control on a PC/Smartphone/Handheld using standard Web browser
  • HTconnect enables unrestricted, but safe access over the Internet to Firewall protected video systems (also with dynamic IP-addresses) in private nets. Additionally HTconnect controls permanently the availability of the entire system from public net over private net to video transmitters
  • Camera position authentication and camera specific alarming of video loss with analogue cameras
  • Integrated email client for alarming up to two email addresses.
  • Up to 5 privacy zones per analogue camera, configurable for live images or live and recorded images
  • Precise recording of pre and post alarm images, individually adjustable to camera and event
  • Event-triggered connections by alarm contact, motion detection (with analogue cameras), serial command, technical alarm, and routine call
  • Perfected for alarm verification and conformity with monitoring centre applications
  • Integrated interfaces for Ethernet network, PTZ control, data transmission, and system integration
  • Data transmission via USB interface
  • Extensive remote control functions to control lighting, barriers, alarms, doors, or any relay-controlled devices
  • Compact design, suitable for desk, wall and 19” mounting
  • Multi-criteria evaluation of recordings via IP and/or dial-up connection, or in offline mode, via PC caddy
  • Live video transmission and simultaneous playback and recording (Triplex)
  • Optional, bidirectional audio transmission and recording onto intergrated hard disk
  • Optional camera-selective recording of cash register-/cash machine-/filling station-/access control-/scanner-data, timesynchronised with video recording




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