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GE Security NX-8-FP-5 NX-8 Fastpack With NX-1316E Keypad
    • 16.5VAC transformer
    • Hardwire pet-immune motion sensor
    • NX-1316E 16 zones LED keypad

Model No: NX-8-FP-5
SV# NX-8-FP-5
Price: $126.39

Availability: Out of stock.

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The NX-8-FP-5 is an NX-8 Fastpack from GE Security that is composed of an NX-8/8 zone control panel, a backup battery, a 16.5VAC transformer, an RJ block/cord, a hardwire Pet-Immune motion sensor, an interior speaker, and an NX-1316E 16 zones LED keypad. The NX-8-FP-5 comes with wireless technology, a maximum 24 keypads/8 per partition, an off white coloring, a hardwire expansion to 48 zones, plus 300 Ohm standard loop resistance, and 8 true partitions. This excellent quality Fastpack features a suitability for commercial applications, as well as large and small residential installations for the detection of burglary, fire, and environmental factors that some places may experience throughout their life.





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