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Pelco C20DW-6V1 CameraPak 1/3 in. High Res WDR 1-3mm
    • Wide Dynamic Range
    • 650 TV Lines
    • High Sensitivity
    • CS Mount
    • For use with 1/3-Inch Format Cameras

Model No: C20DW-6V1
SV# C20DW-6V1
Price: $478.00

Availability: In stock.

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Auto Gain Control


Automatic White Balance


Back Light Compensation




Motion Detection Tracking


Privacy Masking

Required/Recommended Accessories
The item(s) listed below are recommended to enhance the use of the selected item above.

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Model No: TF2000
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Pelco C10-Um Universal C10 Series Camera Mount

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Cantek CT-W-CB01(silver/black) Camera Bracket, Silver, 6pcs

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MG Electronics
MG Electronics CMB-1B Universal Camera Bracket, Black

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Cantek CAN-TECH2812DC 1/3-inch Super Wide Angle 2.8-12mm Auto-Iris Lens

Model No: CAN-TECH2812DC


Pelco C20DW-6V1 CameraPak Consists of the following models: C20-DW-6, 13VA1-3.

The C20-DW-6 is Pelco’s full-featured digital day/night wide dynamic range (WDR) CCD camera. Its WDR technology provides 120 dB dynamic range and produces superior images over a range of lighting conditions, including extreme backlight conditions. Its day/night technology provides outstanding performance in low lighting conditions. The camera uses a removable infrared (IR) cut filter to switch between color and black-white (B-W) modes as environmental lighting conditions change and as the need for infrared sensitivity is realized.

The C20-DW-6 is an ultra high resolution digital camera with 650 TVL of resolution and 0.13 lux minimum illumination. Camera features include autosensing power; 18 to 32 VAC (Revision A) or 12 VDC with AC line lock or internal synchronization) and automatic gain control (AGC). The C20-DW-6 includes automatic white balance (AWB) for difficult lighting situations, digital noise reduction, and backlight compensation (BLC) that adjusts the picture to prevent objects from appearing dark due to a strong backlight. The C20-DW-6 also uses slow electronic shutter technology to improve the illumination performance for low-light environments.

Pelco’s 13VA1-3 varifocal lenses offer versatile and flexible packages in one lens. Each adjustable manual iris lens in this series covers a specific range of focal lengths. Adjust these lenses to get the exact field of view instead of “almost-the-right-view.” Appropriate for indoor and outdoor lighting situations,

the 13VA1-3 lenses will fit all CS-mount cameras and are ideal for those equipped with an electronic iris feature. Some lenses have aspheric elements, which provide optimized, crisper images at all focal lengths

C20-DW-6 Features

  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • 650 TV Lines
  • High Sensitivity
  • Day/Night with Automatic or Manual Control
  • 1/3-Inch Format CCD Imager
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Autosensing DC Drive Auto Iris
  • Automatic/Manual White Balance Settings for Difficult Lighting Situations
  • Selectable Automatic Gain Control
  • Advanced Backlight Compensation
  • Autosensing Power; 18 to 32 VAC/12 VDC with Selectable AC Line Lock/Internal Synchronization (Revision A)
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • Privacy Zones

13VA1-3 Features

  • CS Mount
  • For use with 1/3-Inch Format Cameras
  • Manual Iris, Manual Focus, and Manual Zoom
  • High Resolution Power in a Compact Body


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