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Dedicated Micros DM-CC0232A Converts 485 Bus to RS 232 for Fiber Use
Model No: DM/CC0232A
SV# DM/CC0232A
Price: $119.52

Availability: In stock.

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The DM-CC0232A from Dedicated Micros is a converter takes the 485-bus data of the multiplexer/DVR and converts this into a format that can be transmitted to a remote location using an alternative transmission path, such microwave. This converter ensures applications that do not have access to an Ethernet network are not just limited to local monitoring and control, it allows the video and data from the DM multiplexer or DVR to be transmitted to a remote location and offer remote viewing and control to be achieved. The Converter receives the RS232 data from the remote keyboard and converts this back to the 485-bus protocol to be passed to the DM multiplexer or DVR, which will then action the Operator commands.





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