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Bosch LTC 8540-00 Alarm Interface, 64 Alarm Inputs, 8 Relay Closures
Model No: LTC 8540/00
SV# LTC 8540/00
Price: $549.51

Availability: In stock.

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The LTC 8540-00 is an alarm interface from Bosch that is able to communicate alarm information to the Allegiant’s system main CPU bay. The LTC 8540-00 alarm interface is able to accept 64 logic level inputs or contact closures from remote sensing type devices including PIR’s and door contacts, and reports any alarm information back to the system. The LTC 8540-00 alarm interface also allows for 32 alarm inputs to be configured together in a group to accept normally open/closed contacts. This alarm interface contains a 2m cables for power/data, and comes complete with 8 relay outputs/closures.





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