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Geovision 86-1480B-160U GV1480-16 Channel with 2 Megapixel CB220 Camera DVI Type PCI Express
    • 16 Channel Video and Audio Inputs
    • 480 FPS Display Resolution
    • Recording Resolution:
    • 480 FPS @ CIF (320 x 240)
    • 240 FPS @ D1 (720 x 480)

    Model No: 86-1480B-160U
    SV# 86-1480B-160U
Price: $748.00

Availability: Out of stock.

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A sixteen channel digital video capture card, the GeoVision GV-1480B-16 provides anessential component for the GV-Series PC based digital surveillance system. With the GVcard, you can connect up to 16 cameras to the GV series DVR systems for real-time videorecording of 480 FPS (frames per second) in CIF resolution. At the higher D1 resolution,the DVR system still offers a solid recording rate of 240 FPS for more detailed surveillance.The PC based digital video recorder (DVR) card captures live video data to your hard driveor network drive for archival purposes.The GeoVision GV-DVR system allows for processing video, audio, and data from local andremote network surveillance environments. Using the latest version V8.5, the GV-Seriessurveillance system delivers high quality video performance with efficient resourcemanagement. The GV-Surveillance along with Video Management Platform supports thecore system to provide performance-enhanced video monitoring and various advancedvideo analytics/control features for up to enterprise level security. For a system withsmaller hard disk drive, the GV system features adjustable frame rate and uses the latestH.264 video compression to save storage space and money.


  • 16 Channel Video and Audio Inputs
  • 480 FPS Display Resolution
  • Geo MPEG4, Geo H.264 Compression
  • Supports GV-Multi Quad Card, GV-Loop Through Card, GV-NET/IO Card
  • Expandable up to 32 Channel




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