Headquartered in Northbrook IL, Moog Videolarm is a leader when it comes to designing and producing scalable, high quality process monitoring and physical security solutions for hazardous and extreme environments. Moog Videolarm products have been used in the areas of boarder protection, threat intervention, asset protection, communication, and system health monitoring right around the world.

Moog Videolarm is comprised of 4 strategic company acquisitions. These 4 companies include Knox Video, Pieper GMBH, QuickSet International, and Videoalarm Inc. This combination of professional businesses has created a business which delivers high grade surveillance products to commercial, military and industrial markets. Over time, Moog Videoalarm has opened offices in Schwerte, Germany, Gaithersburg, MD, Decatur, GA, and Northbrook, IL. Operating with 24/7 365day technical support, Moog Videolarm reaches over 26 countries no matter what time of the year it is. With industry leading 5 and 3 year warranties, Moog Videolarm is continuing to use the latest technologies to deliver only the best security and surveillance devices around.

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TEL: 1-800-247-6563
TEL: 1-716-687-7157
  1. Moog PFDW75C2NAX IP Network Ready 7" Outdoor Clear Pressurized Dome Housing with Gooseneck Wall Mount

      • Constructed of durable engineered plastic to withstand intense
      • levels of solar heat (945VA UV protected)
      • IP67 rating: designed to withstand water and dust intake
      • Includes both Schrader and pressure relief valves
      • Pressurized to 7psi, able to maintain pressure for 2-3 years
    Low Price Guarantee