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A Videographers Guide

November 11, 2009 Lowell Bradford News & Articles,Blog 0 Comments

A Videographer's Guide

Video production is no easy feat. If an individual is not familiar with the appropriate video technology, the taping session may be a waste of time. It is wise to do some research on getting clean camera shots, angles, and movements. As well, most audio-video equipment is expensive. Using the equipment improperly could damage the products whether it be a camera, microphone, or lighting structure. Most people do not realize how much time, equipment, and money go into a professional camera shoot. To gain some knowledge in the video field browse the following resources to get a better idea of what to expect.


Terms for the Visual Anthropologist: a glossary of video and film related concepts.

Video Format Identification Guide: a database of all format options with descriptions of each.

Microphones for Video: a guide to microphones including how they work, important characteristics, possible malfunctions, and accessories.

Camera Shots: an overview of the range of possible camera shots with examples.

Camera Angle: a slideshow of various camera angles and movements based on degree level.

Camera Movement: the basics of camera movement with tips on other video styles techniques.

Shot Composition: 5 basic rules to organizing picture elements within a frame.

Basic Lighting: an overview of the equipment needed to properly light a scene.

Tripod Use: an outline of the importance of getting a steady shot. Also provides tips for obtaining a steady shot without a tripod.

Choosing a Medium: an article on the way digital video is taking over the industry.


Production Suggestions: tips for various stages of video production.

Beginning Production: a checklist of questions to ask before starting the production.

Equipment Checklist: a technical checklist of all equipment needed to begin taping.

Advice on Equipment Care: a manual for the use and care of specific video equipment.

Advice on Basic Audio: a guide to using audio equipment properly.

Advice on Videotaping Interviews: a step-by-step list of guidelines for filming an interview.

Advice on Videotaping Classroom Presentations: a video of tips for videotaping classroom presentations as well as an overview of the equipment basics.

Advice on Critiquing Shots: an overview of how to write a technical video technique.


Advice on Content Logging Your Tape: a technical overview of steps to take while logging.

Content Logging Your Tape: tips to viewing, listening, logging, and selecting footage.

Choosing Your Video Clips: suggestions on adding and removing video footage.


Basic Concept of Analogue Editing: a how-to on editing video the “old” way.

Analog and Digital Editing: information on converting analogue to digital video for editing.

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