Nitek AG Neovo Yale COP-USA Video Distribution

AG Neovo is a world-leader in display devices for both professional and consumer markets.. Designed for a wide range of conditions AG Neovo delivers products that blend in with their environment allowing their use in a wide range of locations. This intense focus on design has set their equipment apart from the competition and allowing their systems to perform where others would fail. Recently, two of AG Neovo's devices were recipients of the prestigious iF award for product design.

Founded in 1999, AG Neovo is headquartered in Taiwan and has offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Its success is based not only of their technology but their approach and by listening to the requirements and concerns of the industry AG Neovo is redefining the traditional monitor by delivering new and innovative products to the world stage.

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AG Neovo Technology Corporation
TOLL FREE SALES: (800)-955-5201
GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X175
FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. COP-USA AD05 Digital (VGA) to Analog (BNC) 5VDC

      • Use TV as PC monitor to view presentations, games, pictures and movies or browse the web
      • Connects your DVR with VGA output to existing TV or CRT monitor
      • Ideal for Notebooks users to easily connect and use a large format monitor
      • Video standards: NTSC/ NTSC-EIAJ / PAL / PAL-M / PAL-N / SECAM
      • Resolutions supported: 640x480 (up to 85Hz), 800x600 (up to 85Hz) and 1024 x 768 (up to 75Hz)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: AD05
  2. $77.00
    Low Price Guarantee
  3. COP-USA ADSDI HD-SDI to HDMI Video Converter / Splitter, Indoor Use Only

      • Low profile easy access
      • Pre-drilled mount tabs
      • All metal construction
      • Corrosion resistant finish
    Low Price Guarantee
  4. $77.00
    Low Price Guarantee
  5. COP-USA AD02-E USB Analog (RCA) to Digital USB 2.0 with Capture Software

      • Analog to Digital Video Adapter
      • USB 2.0 Interface
      • NTSC/PAL
      • Capture Button on the device
      • Supports USB Remote wake-up
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: AD02-E
  6. COP-USA VA04 4 In 4 Out Video Amplifier

      • Suitable for NTSC and PAL systems
      • BNC connectors
      • Individual channel gain adjustment
      • Transmission range up to 1000M
      • Power 12V DC/ 24V AC @ 220ma
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VA04
  7. COP-USA GL01 Coaxial Video Ground Loop Isolator

      • BNC male to BNC female with mini cable 15cm on both sides
      • Pasive, no power required
      • Prevents video-signal distortion caused by video ground loops
      • Eliminates picture tearing, cross talk and rolling
      • Built in TVS for Surge Protection
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: GL01
  8. COP-USA GB01 Coaxial & Passive Ground Loop Isolator

      • Coaxial Ground Loop Protection
      • Fights Video Interference
      • Suppress Ground Loop Static
      • No external Power Supply Required
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: GB01