Tripp Lite Cantek Video Only - 16, 1, BNC

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  1. Cantek CT-W-HDVB216 16 Channel Passive HD Video Transceiver

      • Compatible with HDTVI/HDCVI/AHD signal
      • Color HD video transmission distance (passive to passive)
      • HDCVI 720P: 400m/1080P: 250
      • HDTVI 720P/1080P: 250m
      • AHD 720P: 350m/1080P: 200m
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    SKU: CT-W-HDVB216
  2. -17%

    Cantek CT-W-HDPVB303P Passive HD Video Balun with Power

      • Transmission distance: HDCVI 720P: 400m/1080P: 250m
      • HDTVI 720P/1080P: 250m
      • AHD 720P: 350m/1080P: 200m
      • Power transmission up to 100m
      • lt support power supply on 12VDC or 24VAC
    was $9.00 Special Price $7.50
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  3. Cantek CT-W-VB216 16 Channel Video Balun (Video Passive Transceiver)

      • Rack Mountable Metal Case, Black
      • 16 Channels, connected via Quickport
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    SKU: CT-W-VB216
  4. Cantek CT-W-VB301T 1 Channel Active Video Balun (Video Transmitter, Metal Case)

      • Full motion CCTV video at long distance(1500m)
      • Built-in Linearity, sharpness and chrome control
      • Enable unparalleled common interferences rejection
      • Built-in transient protection
      • Improve the picture definition when connect to DVR or Quad and reduce noise effects
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    SKU: CT-W-VB301T
  5. $13.50
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    SKU: CT-W-VB301R
  6. Cantek CT-W-TGP600 BNC-M to Terminal Block Video Balun

      • BNC male to terminal block
      • Passive type
      • No power need
      • Cross talk and rolling
      • Low video loss
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    SKU: CT-W-TGP600
  7. Cantek CT-W-HDVB202P Passive HD Transceiver for CVI/TVI/AHD

      • Compatible with HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD signal
      • Up to 400m for HD-CVI 720P signal
      • Up to 250m for HD-CVI 1080P signal
      • Up to 250m for HD-TVI 720P signal
      • Up to 250m for HD-TVI 1080P signal
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    SKU: CT-W-HDVB202P
  8. Cantek CT-W-HDVB202W Waterproof Passive HD Video Transceiver

      • HD-CVI, HD-TVI & AHD
      • 1 channel passive Video Balun
      • UTP Up to 330M (P to P) 1500M (P to A)
      • Waterproof
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CT-W-HDVB202W
  9. Cantek CT-W-HDVB505P 1 Channel Passive HD Video Transmitter with Pigtail

      • 1 channel passive HD video transmitter with pigtail
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CT-W-HDVB505P