Nitek AG Neovo AVE UTP Transmission & Baluns

AG Neovo is a world-leader in display devices for both professional and consumer markets.. Designed for a wide range of conditions AG Neovo delivers products that blend in with their environment allowing their use in a wide range of locations. This intense focus on design has set their equipment apart from the competition and allowing their systems to perform where others would fail. Recently, two of AG Neovo's devices were recipients of the prestigious iF award for product design.

Founded in 1999, AG Neovo is headquartered in Taiwan and has offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Its success is based not only of their technology but their approach and by listening to the requirements and concerns of the industry AG Neovo is redefining the traditional monitor by delivering new and innovative products to the world stage.

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AG Neovo Technology Corporation
TOLL FREE SALES: (800)-955-5201
GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X175
FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. Nitek EL1500U IP Video Network Extender

      • Environmentally hardened – meets NEMA TS-1/TS-2
      • Transmits up to distances of 600 meters (1960 feet)
      • Supports mega-pixel technology
      • Fully transparent to the network
      • Supports any network device, including IP cameras
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: EL1500U
  2. $100.00
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VTT2000
  3. Nitek VB39M Video Twisted Pair Passive Balun Male BNV Connector with Surge Protector

      • Works with any HD TVI/CVI/AHD or NTSC and PAL
      • Quality video over ordinary twisted pair cable
      • Immunity to noise and interference
      • Built-in surge suppression
      • Passive devices-do not require power
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VB39M
  4. AVE 120007 16 Camera Hub Compatible with UTP1500 Video Transceiver

      • 16 Camera Hub
      • Wiring RJ45 for use for Transmitter or Receiver
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: UTP16X1500
  5. AVE 120006 8 Camera Hub

      • 8 Camera Hub
      • Wiring RJ45 for use for Transmitter or Receiver
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: UTP8X1500
  6. $176.00
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VTT3000
  7. AVE 120005 4 Camera Hub

      • 4 Camera Hub
      • Wiring RJ45 for use for Transmitter or Receiver
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: UTP4X1500
  8. $50.00
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VTT1000
  9. AVE 120004 Long Range UTP Nonpowered Video Transceiver

      • Is a passive device which allows for the transmission of Video, audio and Pan & Tilt & Zoom or other modulated embedded bi-directional control signals over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
      • This simple device needs no tools to install, just push and hold the locking buttons, insert the wire and release
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: UTP1500