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  1. Nitek EL1500U IP Video Network Extender

      • Environmentally hardened – meets NEMA TS-1/TS-2
      • Transmits up to distances of 600 meters (1960 feet)
      • Supports mega-pixel technology
      • Fully transparent to the network
      • Supports any network device, including IP cameras
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: EL1500U
  2. SecurityTronix CT-HDBASET-330 Transmit/Receive HDMI, Ethernet, IR RS232 Up To 330 Feet Over 1 Cat5e/6

      • Auto-adjustment of feedback, equalization & amplification
      • HDMI V1.4 supported
      • HDCP compliant
      • Internal ESD protection
      • Mounting ears included
    Low Price Guarantee
  3. SecurityTronix CT-HDVD-1X8SPL 1 x 8 HD Splitter/Amplifier

      • Splits 1 HD Input to 8 HD outputs
      • Identical signal quality on all 8 outputs
      • Multiple units can be cascaded to provide more outputs
    Low Price Guarantee
  4. Nitek VB39M Video Twisted Pair Passive Balun Male BNV Connector with Surge Protector

      • Works with any HD TVI/CVI/AHD or NTSC and PAL
      • Quality video over ordinary twisted pair cable
      • Immunity to noise and interference
      • Built-in surge suppression
      • Passive devices-do not require power
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VB39M
  5. SecurityTronix CT-RGB-HD-CONV RGB To HDMI Converter, Converts RGV And Digital Audio To HDMI

      • Allows you to connect YPbPr HDTV sources to an HD display
      • Encodes digital audio onto the video signal for HD video and audio
      • Supports HDTV/YPbPr
      • Supports HDTV resolution up to 1080p
    Low Price Guarantee
  6. SecurityTronix ST-VGA/RCA VGA to Baseband Video Converter

      • Converts VGA to baseband video
      • Perfect for PC Video games, multimedia & internet on TV
      • 2D Flicker filter provides perfect static image quality
      • Resolution up to 1024 x 768
      • Powered from PC USB port
    Low Price Guarantee
  7. SecurityTronix ST-CCTV-VB-KIT 1 Channel Composite Video Balun Kit

      • Composite video over twisted pair
      • Alternative to fiber or coaxial based systems
      • Fast, easy installation, saving time and money
      • Substantial savings on the cost of the cable itself
      • Superb quality on long range transmission
    Low Price Guarantee
  8. SecurityTronix CT-HDVD-EXT-IR180 HD & Infrared Control Over a Single Cat5e / 6

      • Distributes HDMI signal over a single Cat5e or Cat6 4 Pair cable
      • Extends transmission distance up to 180’ from sources up to 1080p
      • No settings or adjustments required
      • Uses a single UTP LAN cable (CAT-5e / 6)
      • Auto-adjustment of feedback, equalization & amplification
    Low Price Guarantee
  9. SecurityTronix CT-VGA-EXT VGA Over CAT5e Extender, Extends VGA Up To 450ft

      • Passive design, no power required
      • Supports up to 1280 x 1024 pixels
      • Transmits up to 450’ via standard 4 pair Cat5e
      • Transmitter includes built in virtual DDC to avoid improperly setting of resolution and frequency
      • Transmitter includes built in sync mode selection for signal stability
    Low Price Guarantee

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SecurityTronix is a top-rated specialty manufacturer of hardware, electronics, cable, and materials for both commercial and residential security installations. The range of products available includes camera packages, lenses, single cameras, processors, monitors, multiplexers, transmitters and much more. They also pride themselves on manufacturing quality CAT 5 data cable and RG59U video cables which you can buy for use in many applications.

In addition to the latest security products available, SecurityTronix offers installation tools and testing equipment to help complete your project. Whether you are a system installer or plan to do the installation yourself SecurityTronix will provide you with the installation information, support, and applications necessary to do the job right. Industry-specific calculators, instruction manuals, warranty information and necessary installation software are all easily available.

SecurityTronix has many years of experience in the manufacture of professional security-based equipment and has developed some of the latest business technology solutions of today. They've delivered technological advancements and solutions which are used worldwide and their dedication to the highest quality has never wavered. They provide customers with a reliable, professional, and trustworthy security system which will last for years to come.

Surveillance-video would be pleased to provide you with a quote for the SecurityTronix products you need. With every purchase you will receive our lowest price guarantee, lifetime technical support, and free shipping. Warranty information can be reviewed prior to your purchase.

Crime rates in today's society have created a powerful drive for top-rated security. If you are considering the purchase of a professional security system, it's important to choose the one that is right for you. It should be a system which uses the latest technology, offers affordable pricing, and has proven reliability. We're confident that SecurityTronix can meet all of those needs.

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